10 Hot Female Singers Under 30

These are the 10 hottest female singers under 30. While most female singers entertain our ears, these 10 entertain our eyes as well. And lets face it, who does not want to stare at a cute chick when listening to music?

  1. Lacey Mosley- Lacey Mosley is the singer for the emo Christian band Flyleaf. She has a dark seducing sort of look and lets face it, she has one hell of a voice as well.
  2. Hayley Williams– Hayley Williams is the punk singer in the rapidly growing band Paramore. This is one red head that can pull the look off with ease.
  3. Katy Perry- Katy Perry has a body that would leave most men drooling. She does not even need to sing on stage to get our attention, she just needs to stand there and let us stare at her.
  4. Pixie Lott- Pixie Lott unlike the three above, is not a mega-star. She is instead a singer from England who just so happens to have a body that is rocking. 
  5. Alexia Rodriguez- Alexia Rodriguez is the lead singer in screamo- post hard core band Eyes Set To Kill. She has a bad ass attitude and it is such a turn on.
  6. Anissa Rodriguez- Anissa Rodriguez is Alexia's sister and does backup vocals in the same band, Eyes Set To Kill. She is not a bad ass in any sense of the word, but we wont hold it against her since she is one of the hottest female singers under 30.
  7. Ashlee Simpson- While her sister was always the one in the head lines, it is no doubt that by many men's opinions, Ashlee Simpson was the better looking of the two. SInce she is a hot female singer under 30, we might be willing to forget about her infamous lip-syncing incident.
  8. Avril Lavigne- It feel like punk pop singer Avril Lavigne has been around forever. What makes her one of the hottest singers under 30? Mostly her whole punk look and "I don't care" attitude. What can we say, it is just so sexy.
  9. Beyonce- This female singer has a body like you would not not believe. She is highly regarded as one of the most talented female singers and one of the hottest.
  10. Mandy Moore- Here is another female singer who feels like they have been around forever. With her tan skin and innocent looks, she has made her way into many men's hearts and onto this list of hot female singers under 30.
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