10 Hot Fitness Model

10 Hot fitness models are usually not on men’s top priority lists since they do not get as much attention as a super model would. There are hot, body building women who men might love, but perhaps do not actually know their names. They are out there, and they do have names so learn them.

  1. Noemi Olah. This blonde bombshell in the hot fitness model category won the medium class in 2010 Arnold Amateur Bikini Contest. She has won Miss Universe Hungary and Miss International Tourism. She has also had a spread in CKM baring just about all her parts.
  2. Mary Castro. This beauty on the list of hot fitness models graced us with her beautiful face and curvy body in a few of the fitness magazines like "Fit" beauties. She also made her way on one of the months in the Sand Obsession calendar. She is usually a stripper in a lot of major motion pictures and television shows.
  3. Kiana Tom. Not only is she a former Raider cheerleader, but she is also the host of her hot fitness show: "Kiana’s Flex Appeal." She has been in numerous television shows and music videos such as Eminem’s. One of her biggest ice breakers was the center fold she posed nude for in "Playboy."
  4. Ashley Lawrence. She is most known as FemBomb. She has a large internet presence, and probably one of men’s most beloved hot fitness models out there. She loves being partially topless at all times, and carries 34DDD’s wherever she goes. She has lingerie spreads in "Iron Man Magazine."
  5. Amber Elizabeth. Not only has she hit the fitness sense, she has also hit the fashion as well. She was featured in "Oxygen" magazine and born in Congo produced eye opening results. Not only does she have beauty, but she has the brains to go along with it. Perfection is at the top of her list.
  6. Carmen Garcia. She has been shot for the pages of "Low Rider," "Planet Muscle," "FHM," "American Curves," and also "Oxygen." She owns her own line of sportswear and is a certified fitness consultant and trainer. She loves to allow people to know they can get into shape and helps them get that goal accomplished.
  7. Jennifer England. Beautiful and bountiful. She started out as a bikini model, and turned into an actress. She has a wonderfully fit physique and continues to stay in shape as time moves ahead. She plays as a stunt double in a few major motion pictures and continues to try to sack a role that shows off her other talents as well.
  8. Dana Hamm. She is one of the most photographed hot fitness models today. She has been shown in "Ultimate Athlete," "Pump," and "Muscular Development." She also does endorsements, calendars, and posters for more publicity. She loves showing the public what she has, and the public sure does love it.
  9. Jennifer Nicole Lee. She is the winner of the 2004 Miss Bikini America and even the winner of the 2006 Miss Muscle and Fitness pageants. She is also known as the Tigress. She is one of those on the hot fitness model list that gets your motor running. She has changed the word MILF to women all around.
  10. Chellss. Not only is Chellss Dutch, but she also placed number one at the Dutch Nationals Figure Championship. She has appeared on the pages of "Ebony Fitness," "Muscle and Fitness," and "Aktueel." She is a new up and coming hot fitness model, but rest assured, she will make it to the top. 
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