10 Hot Girlfriend Sexting Examples

Anxious to try these 10 hot girlfriend sexting examples? Sexting is defined as sending sexual pictures, videos and text messages through your cell phone. When sharing an erotic text with a girlfriend, it is best to spark vivid images and words and slowly lead to the climax. These hot girlfriend sexting examples are sure to warm up a cold evening.

  1. What is your fantasy? Encouraging a girlfriend to discuss her fantasy is useful for many reasons. It is a useful way of bringing your girlfriend into sexting as an equal participant. It also ensures that all other sexting messages are effective.
  2. Send a picture just out of the shower. Sexting is also defined as sending pictures and images. It’s a huge turn-on for a woman to see a man freshly showered. Arm muscles and abs are particularly exciting to view. Broad shoulders are also a huge turn-on.
  3. Send a picture with just a smile and the message “I want you.” Who doesn’t want to be wanted? Feeling wanted will drive a woman wild. The added benefit of a sexy smile makes it a simple yet effecting sexting example. Combine two of the powers of sexting by adding images and a text message.
  4. Send a short role playing story. Show her your imagination and drive her wild with a short story about a sexual encounter together. When sexting, people just photograph themselves nude. Take it up a notch and invite her to reply with a story of her own. Go back and fourth sending suggestive text messages to each other while taking pictures. There is no better souvenir from a sexting session than a steamy picture.
  5. Take erotic pictures. Nothing drives the point home when searching for hot girlfriend sexting examples then sending the classic penis picture. Be sure to send a picture of a fully erect penis for maximum effect. This is the original sexting technique and take it from Brett Favre, its effective.
  6. Tell her you want to lick her head to toe. When sending hot girlfriend sexts to her phone, nothing gets the point across like offering to lick her from head to toe. The point of sexting with a girlfriend is to enjoy the heat of the messages. But be blunt; it might be the key to success.
  7. Sexts can be simple five words: “When can I touch you?” This simple example of sexting not only sets the mood, but it also arranges for future encounters. The best thing about this message is if the phone falls into the wrong hands, it is not too incriminating.
  8. Tell her you need her. This hot girlfriend sexting example is a compliment wrapped in an invitation. Let her know you need her, then let her know that it needs to go to the next level. Often the response to this text is a particularly sexual reply.
  9.  One of the most effective examples of hot girlfriend sexting is to send pictures or videos of a previous sexual encounter with her. The only thing as sexy as videotaping the act is replaying them via cell phones. Send her video clips of previous encounters. Follow it up with sexy narration.
  10. Last but not least, send a picture of the climax. Send pictures of the final moments of pleasure to her phone. The satisfaction of bringing a mate to climax is not only gratifying, but an effective turn on. Invite her to do the same to take the sexting to the next level. This is one text she will be sure to save.
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