10 Hot Glamour Models

Any red-blooded male can make a list of 10 hot glamour models.  Glamour models are models whose physical form is a red-hot illumination of the product or service they represent.  Glamour models do not usually participate in explicit pornography but their work is about as close as one can get without crossing the line. Moreover, outside of the occasional lucrative spread in Playboy, they rarely pose fully nude.   A good way to understand the concept of a glamour model is to see examples; the following is a representative list of 10 hot glamour models.

  1. Adriana Lima – Adriana is the tan goddess with the peach-kissed cheeks and piercingly beautiful eyes.  This Brazilian bombshell is known for representing Victoria’s Secret, and she is at the top of the list of 10 hot glamour models.
  2.  Doutzen Kroes Doutzen is also a Victoria’s Secret Angel—and she is the epitome of a glamour model.  She is the wide-eyed, blonde beauty with the succulently pouty lips, and she hails from the Netherlands.  Doutzen would be near or at the top of any list of 10 hot glamour models.
  3. Anna Nicole Smith  In her heyday, Anna Nicole was the hottest glamour model on the planet.  Those gorgeous tufts of platinum blonde hair, those sexy curves, and striking blue eyes will put Anna Nicole Smith on anyone’s list of 10 hot glamour models.
  4. Janine Habeck Hot. Hot. Hot.  Is all that most people can think of when they catch a first glimpse at Janine.  That gorgeous raven hair, those intense eyes and that sexy body puts Janine Habeck in the upper portion of the list of 10 hot glamour models.
  5. Madison Welch – Madison almost breaks the glamour model rule about wanton nudity and explicit pornography—but almost doesn’t count.  A list of top 10 hot glamour models cannot be complete without this sexy, flaxen haired goddess.
  6. Jodie Moss – Jodie is as cute as bunny rabbit—Jessica Rabbit to be exact.  Jodie is a sexy, curvaceous Brit who has a reputation for getting into scandalous situations, but it is her scandalously hot body that gets her on this list of 10 hot glamour models.
  7. Bridget Marquardt As a participant on “The Girls Next Door” reality TV series, Bridget brings the heat much more than any real life girl next door ever could.  Blonde hair, brown eyes and a killer smile puts Bridget firmly on the list of 10 hot glamour models.
  8. Maryse Ouellet Most of the world knows Maryse from WWE Raw.  Maryse Ouellet is a buxom blonde beauty with a body to die for, and a black belt in martial arts to keep the hounds at bay.
  9. Sophie Howard – Sophie is another gorgeous Brit with sexy curves.  For her smoldering photos in “barely there” clothing, Sophie Howard is a shoo-in for the list of 10 hot glamour models.
  10. Louise Glover –This olive skinned beauty has flowing light brown hair, a healthy chest, and spectacular legs. She has appeared in countless photo shoots where she was scantily clad, and I am sure the photographer did not mind setting his lens on her.  Louise Glover nicely rounds out the list of 10 hot glamour models.
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