10 Hot Irish Women

The weather in Ireland might be cold and blustery much of the year, but the heat of the 10 hot Irish women in this list can not be denied. These ladies of the north can help warm you up on a cold night.

  1. Sarah Bolger might have been just a child in the 2002 movie "In America," but she's got a more mature Irish charm today in her 20's. Her fair skin and dark hair, along with well developed features, lands her on the ten hot Irish women list here.
  2. Ann Scott shows that you don't need to have the classic fiery red hair to be a hot Irish woman on the ten hot Irish women list. Her seductive voice can melt a man's heart, and then her long raven hair will keep you captured.
  3. Lisa Hannigan is another sultry Irish singer that shows up on the ten hot Irish women list. Her long dark hair, along with soft curves and full lips, will draw you to her, then her vocals will keep you.
  4. The closest to red that Kathryn Thomas' hair will get is as she walks the red carpet in Hollywood. Her seductive glances, blonde hair and seductive outfits make it hard to look away from this member of the ten hot Irish women list.
  5. Full lips, alluring eyes, and the ability to sing and act lands Andrea Corr on the ten hot Irish women list. Add in the fact that she loves to wear form hugging outfits on the silver screen and stage, she's definitely got a spot on the list.
  6. Gemma Hayes has the looks of a girl next door, but then you must live in a lovely neighborhood if this member of the ten hot Irish women list lives next door to you. She can write and sing, so she's not just pretty, but talented as well.
  7. Full red lips and features that are prominent in her low cut outfits will catch the attention of men passing by Grainne Seoige. This top ten Irish women list member is more commonly seen presenting awards and receiving them.
  8. Samantha Mumba is looking to join the hot singer's list with Beyonce, and she's already on the ten hot Irish women list. Not only can she sing, but this talented artist can act as well.
  9. A list of top ten hot Irish women wouldn't be complete without the 2006 Miss Ireland. Sarah Morrissey's long blonde hair and fair features will play a role in seducing your mind and heart.
  10. Sexy Irish women and Guinness beer combine for a great night. Not only is Jasmine Guinness a busty beauty, but she's also the heir to the Guinness family of beer's fortune.
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