10 Hot Italian Actresses

Italy- the land of romance, and the birthplace of these 10 hot Italian actresses who have captured our imagination on the big screen. Kissed by the hot Italian sun, bathed by the warm Adriatic sea, these women seem the very personification of the Roman goddess of love, Aphrodite.

  1.  Monica Bellucci. An Elite model as well as an actress. She radiates the warmth and innocence of a child,  and simultaneously takes our breath away with her classically beautiful chiseled features. Monica is irresistible with her large dark eyes and dark hair, contrasting with a fair complexion. She appeared in "The Matrix Reloaded" and "Tears of the Sun".
  2.   Elisabetta Canalis.  She radiates a different kind of beauty than Monica. For her seductive, hungry eyes, and raw sex appeal, she makes our list of ten hot Italian actresses and has no intentions of leaving it. Ms. Canalis has had minor roles in "Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo" and "Virgin Territory". This actress has the fierce, penetrating beauty of a lioness and her dark mane and smile has enchanted one of the world's most famous bachelors, Mr. Clooney himself.
  3. Caterina Murino. A name any hot Italian actress list needs to mention. She appeared in "Casino Royale", the film adaptation of Ian Fleming's novel. In the film, she walks in on game of poker and distracts all the men from their cards. Little else can be added. This alluring Italian actress stuns us with hazelnut eyes, and the sophisticated features of Mediterranean beauty.
  4. Ornella Muti. She starred in "Once Upon a Crime" and hypnotizes with her green eyes. Her soft, child-like features, and hourglass body transcend the age and time, but she is more than a babyface. Ornella Muti has raw, shameless gaze, which sees through you. Tigress and purring kitten in one body, and Ornella Muti stands out as an enigmatic, sexy Italian actress.
  5. Maria Grazia Cucinotta. Another Bond girl which appears on our hot Italian actresses list. Her name is almost as long as her statuesque body. She appeared in "The World Is Not Enough". Maria Grazia is voluptuous, and athletic, a rare gem. Her wide smile and warm gaze melt your heart and going down it only gets hotter, with stunning cleavage and shapely long legs.
  6. Asia Argento. Exotically beautiful, she belongs to a rare type of screen hotties. Asia is not only an Italian actress but also a film director. Her film roles include "New Rose Hotel and several horror films, such as "Land of the Dead". Asia Argento's beauty and magnetism lie in her sensuality, which oozes from the dreamy, provocative dark eyes, and her full lips, half-parted with desire.
  7. Sophia Loren. This ultimate hot Italian actress is a legend. She is the second most-awarded actress in cinema history. Regal and timeless, she exudes sophistication and ravishing beauty. In addition to the large eyes and flawless classic features, her flawless proportions- a large bust and tiny waist, would make most women jealous and men enchanted.
  8. Manuela Arcuri. This Italian actress and famous sex symbol, heats up the list. Tender gaze, sensual lips and a body that will haunt your fantasies do not do full justice to this elegant, gorgeous actress. Her innocent look captivates the imagination and inspires unholy thoughts.
  9. Sabrina Ferilli. She possesses a rare combination of beauty and charm. The wink in her eyes and the playful gaze light up a room, while her sensuous form significantly raises the temperature,
  10.  Ambra Angiolini. An Italian showgirl and singer, as well as an actress, rounds up our list of the ten hot Italian actresses. Her sweet, and kind eyes and wide smile reminds you of the child within, but Ambra has more than one weapon on her side. This loveable child-like face comes with a stunning figure and gorgeous dark locks. And here you have it. The next time you plan a trip to Italy you can look forward to more than the weather and the historic grandeur.
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