10 Hot Italian Bikini Models

Anyone who has ever seen Italian women knows that the nation that once produced a host of despotic emperors has the resources to produce more than 10 hot Italian bikini models. Italian women are among the sexiest in the world, and the the bikini model industry gives men all over the world the chance to marvel at the talents of Italy's finest.

  1. "Deborah Salvalaggio." Her name may be a bit of a mouthful but her body is an absolute eyeful. Sexy Italian bikini model Deborah Salvaggio is tall and slender but she has breasts that even Selma Hayek would be envious of.  
  2. "Giorgio Palmas." She looks like the typical Italian girl next door: dark haired, busty and hot. Italian model Giorgio Palmas doubles as a television presenter which means that lucky Italian men get to see even more of her. 
  3. "Bianca Balti." She looks like a younger Helena Christensen only with longer hair. She does not have the kind of hour glass figure that many men prefer but she is stunningly beautiful and is often seen in public with very few clothes.   
  4. "Rafaella Fico." She seems to get style tips from the woman who made the twenty minute workout videos in the 80's but there is no disguising her hot body. She is one of the smaller Italian bikini models but her beauty makes up for her size. It's perfect body for a hot Italian bikini model.
  5. "Federica Ridolfi." She has a fun hippie look, but more importantly, she also has fantastic breasts. Her long dark hair and cheerful disposition help her stand out among the ranks of the many lifeless looking European models.   
  6.  "Eva Riccobono." She couldn't look any more different from Ridolfi but is an equally hot Italian model in her own way. She has the complexion of Snow White and very fair hair, but she looks great in a bikini.
  7. "Federica Felini." If there was a prize for most beautiful face, she would win with her pouty lips and mysterious eyes. If there was a prize for best butt, she would make the top 10 and all around, she is one of Italy's hottest bikini models.
  8. "Maria Carla Boscono." One of the best known hot Italian models and one of the sexiest in a bikini. Long legs and a slight frame help her to look ageless and sexy. 
  9. "Federica Cavazzoni." Blonde hair and beautiful green eyes enable Cavazzoni to stand out from among the hordes of hot Italian bikini models. She has a flawless body and and sultry look that melts men's hearts.
  10. "Veronica Marconi." She has an Italian sounding name but more of a North European look. The blonde head Marconi does not have the biggest breasts in the world but as Shakira has shown, a nice butt can help you go along way especially if you are a hot in a bikini.
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