10 Hot Italian Female Models

If you have a true appreciation for lovely ladies, then you'll adore this list of 10 hot Italian female models. Few races of women are really as hot as Italian women, which is why we've done you the favor of compiling this list of Italian female models. You may not have heard about a lot of them, but after skimming through these hot Italian female models, you won't be able to get enough.

  1. Frederica Ridolfi. Dark skin, lusty eyes, and a curvaceous body make Frederica one of the best hot Italian female models ever. She's been a regular on a famous soccer program over in Italy, and we're beginning to see why so many people watch the sport. We've never seen anybody who looks so damn good in a wet tank top.
  2. Monica Bellucci. One of the most famous women on this list, she entered men's dreams when she appeared in the latter two entries in the "Matrix" trilogy, wearing a dress that fit like a second skin. Though her recent film credits have been less than impressive, there's no denying that she's definitely got a killer body. Especially when you consider that she's over 30.
  3. Giorgia Palmas. You're going to look at her body and think she's the mold from which women should be carved. You're going to further believe this statement when we tell you that despite her curves and amazing stomach, she's a mother. Do you need help getting your jaw off the floor? It's okay, we did too.
  4. Sara Varone. You wouldn't believe from this woman's buxom figure that she's actually 38 years old! Despite her age, she's easily got one of the best bodies on this list. The queen of Italian TV, she's most famous for appearing, along with her sweater muffins, on the show "Buona Domenica."
  5. Cristina Buccino. This lovely lady started modeling young, and draws men in with her alluring gaze and body with more curves than the Amazon. She's currently a student studying Communications Sciences, making her among the brainiest ladies on this list. This hot Italian female model simply oozes raw sexuality in every one of her pictures.
  6. Michelle Lombardo. With a dazzling smile, amazing hair, and of course, double D breasts, it's easy to see why Michelle is one the list of hot Italian female models. She won the very first "Sports Illustrated Fresh Face Competition" and has since been the subject of many calendars and magazine shoots. Apparently she's also started acting, so hopefully she'll soon make her segue into nude roles. It's only natural, right?
  7. Maria Mazza. Dark hair, a skinny figure, and huge eyes. Sound like the perfect woman to you? If so, then perfection is named "Maria Mazza." Fulfilling our desires of "skinny women with awesome boobs," Maria hits every mark as well as any hot Italian female model can. 
  8. Frederica Felini. This smoking hot Italian babe is a relative newcomer to the modeling world. She circumvented this by showing her breasts on national Italian TV, and has since rose to Internet fame. We can't think of a better way to start one's career, and can only hope that more of these ladies on this list will follow suit.
  9. Regina Fioresi. With curves that could kill and smoky eyes, Regina is pretty much the embodiment of beauty. It's really difficult to think of any faults on her part, considering that she frequently poses nude and manages to sneak a sexy smile into half of her pictures. Without a doubt, she might be the epitome of hot Italian female models.
  10. Theresa Graziadei. With a curvaceous body and dark hair, Theresa is almost every man's fantasy. She makes great use of her full body by wearing as little clothing as possible during photo-shoots. She's known Stateside for appearing in the magazine "American Curves."
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