10 Hot Italian Models

Looking for 10 hot Italian models? Italian men have a fearsome reputation for being hot-blooded, and its no surprise given the beauty of the Italian woman. Venus, the Roman goddess of love and beauty, would be proud to see these contemporary vixens. Narrowing down the top ten is tough, but here are our favorite hot Italian models.

  1. Eva Riccobono. The aptly named Riccobono stirred up some controversy when she suggested that the fashion industry was driving girls to anorexia. Men everywhere thanked her for fighting the good fight to preserve the busts and bottoms of hot Italian models.
  2. Elisabetta Canalis. Canalis awakens carnal desires in men the world over with her striking good looks and bountiful bosoms. She is currently dating George Clooney, but if he ever tires of her there will be no shortage of replacements.
  3. Francesca Chillemi. The 2003 Miss Italy stirs up more froth than a cappuccino machine. The model turned TV star is at her best when least clothed.
  4. Federica Ridolfi. This frequently topless brunette model learned how to handle balls on an Italian soccer show. She enjoyed the experience so much that she now dates a professional soccer player. Lucky boy.
  5. Emanuela Folliero. Milan born Emanuela looks like an Italian Cindy Crawford, only with bigger breasts in place of the trademark mole. Born in 1965, she proves that hot bodies are ageless. Well, almost.
  6. Sara Tomassi. Nobody will have a leaning tower after getting an eyeful of sexy Sara. The hot model was runner up as Miss Italy in 1998. We would love to have seen the winner!
  7. Monica Belluci. Colossal breasts have kept this stunner in men's magazines for the last twenty years. With her picture all over Italy, it makes you wonder if the Italians are really taking a nap during siesta time. She ranks as one of the all time hottest Italian models.
  8. Maria Mazza. Pedantic people will point out that this little hottie was actually born in New Jersey, but to those people we say sit down and enjoy the most mouthwatering pair of melons in Italian modelling today.
  9. Federica Fellini. Anyone nicknamed "The boob" has to be hot, and though Federica may not be the bustiest Italian broad, she is known for having eye popping "wardrobe malfunctions." "Better out than in" must be her motto, and long may it continue.
  10. Adriana Volpe. Mamma mia! Elegant Adriana set pulses racing all over Italy when she crossed her legs Sharon Stone-style on a talk show and made it clear that she likes to keep things au naturale. No one can beat that, and she completes our list of hot Italian models.
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