10 Hot Japanese Models

If you're a fan of the lovely ladies, then you need to know about these 10 hot Japanese models. Whether they've found their work doing import modeling, gravure modeling or just runway work, these are some of the hottest women that the Land of the Rising Sun has to offer. If you're ready for some exotic beauties, then here are some of the best hot Japanese models out there.

  1. Tomoka Minami. This hot Japanese model stands at just five feet, three inches, but sports amazing  D-cup breasts, giving her one of the best bodies on this list. Paired with her gorgeous, almond-shaped eyes, it's difficult to get much hotter than her. Her hobbies include baking and cooking, pretty much solidifying her as the perfect woman.
  2. Aki Hoshino. This Tokyo-born beauty is the star of a number of DVDs where she bares it all for the camera, already making her one of the hottest Japanese models on Earth. Her Amazon-like chin pairs with her sparkling eyes that give off an air of innocence, but her goddess-like body completes the package to make her simply astounding. Besides a number of magazine appearances, Ms. Hoshino has guest-starred on a number of Japanese dramas, making her a household name across the country.
  3. Waka Inoue. This Asian bombshell is nicknamed "the Japanese Marilyn" for sharing the exact same measurements as our Marilyn Monroe. With a nickname like that, you know she has to be one hot model. Couple this with a perfect pair of pouting lips and you've got one of the biggest stars of Japanese dramas and variety shows.
  4. Reona Kadena. While she may not have the bazooka-type breasts of her counterparts, Ms. Kadena is still one of the sexiest women in Japan. Her rock-hard body made her perfect for the idol scene, where she's populated magazine stands and video stores alike with pages full of glamour shots and reels stocked with seductive poses.
  5. Atsuko Okamoto. This sexy Japanese model might not convey the cuteness that her colleagues do, but what she lacks in that department she more than makes up for in raw sexuality. Her piercing gaze has complemented her perfect body and enormous breasts in a number of DVDs and magazine specials, where she's tantalized audiences with seductive poses and outfits that leave so little to the imagination.
  6. Yuri Ebihara. While her body might not be as fantastic as some of the other women here, she definitely ramps up the cute factor in all of her photo shoots and DVDs. Nicknamed "Ebi-chan" by her adoring fans, she's easily one of the most famous AV models in all of Japan. Her wide eyes and petite frame make her instantly appealing to almost anyone, especially when paired with her dazzling smile and adorable outfits.
  7. Miri Hanai. This Japanese model stands only at four feet, ten inches, but she also boasts a pair of H-cup breasts. Her hobbies include reading and karaoke, which means that she's never too far from a good time when she's away from the camera. During her workday, however, she spends most of her time hypnotizing men with her bodacious body and amazing love muffins.
  8. Sayuri Anzu. This petite Japanese lady got her start modeling, but has since expanded her horizons to start acting and singing as well. Her photo books and calendars are all best-sellers throughout the country, which is probably due to her amazing body and glorious head of hair.
  9. Mika Kayama. She actually models under the alias of "Arisa Oda," but that doesn't stop her from being one of the hottest women on this list. Her amazing G-cup breasts astound while her delicate facial features draw you into every single shot. She also happens to regularly practice karate, meaning that she's a model who can probably break you in two.
  10. Kurara Chibana. Rounding out the list is the incredible Ms. Chibana, who is the most well-known model on this list seeing as how she was the runner-up in the 2006 Miss Universe pageant. She also speaks four languages fluently and works as an international journalist, meaning that there's a great brain associated with this perfect body.
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