10 Hot Latino Women

If you are looking for 10 hot Latino women, head to the beaches of South America. Of course you aren't completely out of luck if you can't travel. The hot Latino women of Latin America can be found in countries throughout the world.

  1. She might be short, but Carolina Ardohain is much more than a pretty face. This supermodel from Argentina frequently models bikinis and can put many other hot Latino women to shame when they compete with her.
  2. Raquel Roxanne Diaz knows her rap music, and is one of the hosts of the 106 & Park music show. This Latino beauty features some latin spice as well as southern charm from her hometown in Louisiana.
  3. It's unlikely you'll find Ana Claudia Talancon eating regularly at your local McDonald's, which is a shame for you. This member of the 10 hot Latino women list was featured in "Fast Food Nation", but the Mexican beauty maintains a healthy diet.
  4. Full sensual lips and long hair are just two of the assets Stephanie Cayo features regularly on Peruvian soap operas. The heat of her seduction can be felt every time this member of the 10 hot Latino women list appears on screen.
  5. It's not often you'll find a Miss Universe on these lists, but Alicia Machado was Miss Universe in 2006. Not only is she one of the 10 hot Latino women on this list, but she also was once engaged to baseball player Bobby Abreu and had sex on a television reality show.
  6. Hailing from Argentina, Valeria Mazza's flowing blonde hair and full lips land her on the list of 10 hot Latino women. She was once featured in the "Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition."
  7. She might sound like a city in Texas, but this blonde-haired beauty, Dallys Ferreira is from Paraguay. She regularly models at fitness and car shows, frequently combining the two.
  8. Mia Troche is a tattooed raven-haired beauty with a Latino heritage landing her on the 10 hot Latino women list for this article. She has had small soap opera roles on television as well as appearing on the series "The Sopranos."
  9. The Cuban beauty, Vida Guerra, has an asset you can see from behind that would make models on rap videos jealous. She also has a piercing stare that can seduce you with one glance.
  10. Adriana Lima headlines the beauties from Brazil and appears on the 10 hot Latino women list. She has full red lips, flawless skin and frequently wears low cut outfits alluring men to her beauty.
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