10 Hot Lesbian Movies

Sometimes, movies just get our blood pumping, and when we are talking about these 10 hot lesbian movies, our blood is actually shooting through our veins at dangerous speeds. Sometimes there is just something about a tasteful girl on girl scene that cannot be beat.

  1. "Gia" — The movie is about a lesbian super model by the name of Gia Carangi. Let us repeat that, a lesbian super model. You know the only thing that could make a movie about a lesbian super model better? If it featured full frontal nudity shots of Angelina Jolie in the lead role. Oh wait! This movie has that!
  2. "Boys Don't Cry" — This is sort of a sneaky lesbian movie because Hilary Swank plays a girl who is passing as a boy while having sex with Chloe Sevigny. The actual story is very good, which is a nice bonus, since we are not going for porn here but rather just hot lesbian movies.
  3. "Foxfire" — If it wasn't for the fact that Angelina Jolie has been married to one of the best looking men on the planet, we would begin to wonder whether she wasn't actually a lesbian. This is the second movie on the list where she stars. This particular one follows four girls from a private school who rebel against an evil teacher and find a little passion for each other along the way.
  4. "Lost and Delirious" — This is another coming of age tale about private school students who find love in each other's arms. Piper Perabo is one of the lead characters and has some incredibly steamy scenes with Jessica Pare.
  5. "Better Than Chocolate" — Sort of an oldy but a goody, this is a movie about a woman in the closet who is about to have family members move in on the same day she finds the woman of her dreams.
  6. "Fingersmith" — This story features a con woman who ends up falling for her mark. It is a very sexy BBC adaptation of a Sarah Waters Booker novel.
  7. "She Likes Girls" — This is actually a compilation piece of six different lesbian themed stories. One of the stories stars the very attractive Steohanie Szostak who recently appeared in "The Devil Wears Prada."
  8. "That Tender Touch" — The oldest movie on this list by far, this was produced in 1969. This is a story about a woman who leaves her lesbian lover in order to marry a man. The said lesbian lover doesn't take the loss well, and she moves into their neighborhood and starts seducing all the women in the neighborhood.  Sexy hi-jinks ensue.
  9. "The Sex Monster" — Marielle Hemingway stars as the wife of a man who desperately wants to have a threesome with her and another woman. After begrudgingly trying it, Heminway's character realizes she loves having sex with a woman. Sexy hi-jinks ensue yet again.
  10. "Bound" — Gina Gershon and Jennifer Tilly engage in a lesbian relationship and criminal plan in order to rob Tilly's mobster boyfriend. Gershon is a tough as nails ex-con who takes about five minutes to get Tilly into bed.
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