10 Hot Lesbian Women

While it’s pretty much common knowledge that most men have a list of their top 10 hot lesbian women, it’s becoming more common for women to have their own that they can rattle off at the drop of a hat. That’s one of the great things about America culture. Guys no longer have to hide their little fantasy lists from their wives or girlfriends. They can share it out in the open and compare notes.

  1. Rachel Maddow. If brainy, hot lesbian women are your thing, then it’s all about Rachel Maddow. For those not in the know, Maddow is the host of her own news commentary show on MSNBC where she looks at the news from a liberal perspective while entertaining her audience with an array of geeky props.  
  2. Portia de Rossi. Known originally as the beautiful blond lawyer from “Ally McBeal” and then the critically acclaimed dark comedy “Arrested Development”, Rossi (born Amanda Leigh Rogers) has gone onto be known as one of the hottest lesbian women in Hollywood, thanks to her marriage to fellow comedienne Ellen DeGeneres.
  3. Clementine Ford. Being the daughter of Cybill Shepard must have some benefits, but you’d never know since Ford insisted on gained fame on her own steam. What turned heads in the TV world was her guest starring role in Showtime’s “The L Word”. It turned out she understood what it was like to be a hot lesbian woman because she really is one. Talk about some great method acting.
  4. Kristanna Loken. Most remember her from “T3: Rise of the Machines” where she took over from Ah-nold, but this hot lesbian woman took it step further in her next movie, “Bloodrayne” where not only did she show some skin for the movie, but she began a real-life affair with her co-star, Michelle Rodriguez.
  5. Tammy Lynn Michaels. Remember the TV show “Popular”? Yea, neither do we, but she was in it and famous for a time before she chucked it all away to marry another hot lesbian woman, Melissa Etheridge. The marriage lasted several years, but ended in 2010 after Etheridge dumped her for another woman. 
  6. Samantha Fox. Apparently naughty girls do need love too, but not from guys. 80’s pop icon and perpetually topless British model Samantha Fox stunned fans when she revealed she was indeed a hot lesbian woman in 2003 in an interview in “The Mail On Sunday”. She’s currently living with her manager and girlfriend, Myra Stratton.
  7. Jodie Foster. Probably one of the most well-known hot lesbian women in film today, her career spans decades. Starting her career with Robert DeNiro and Martin Scorsese in the “Taxi Driver” didn’t hurt either, although she’s had a very impressive career since.  
  8. Sheryl Swoopes. It’s hard to find anyone who can beat this WNBA star on the court, but what endeared in the hearts of many was her open admission in 2005 that she was a lesbian. At the time, she was one of the highest profile players, man or woman to do so.
  9. Heather Matarazzo. Well-known hot lesbian woman Heather Matarazzo may have started out as an ugly duckling in 1995’s “Dollhouse”, but she blossomed quickly, as did her career. She’s appeared consistently in either TV or film since her debut. Fans got an extra look at her fully nude when she appeared in “Hostel: Part II” in 2007.  
  10. Lindsay Lohan. How could this list be complete without America’s favorite celebrity train wreck, Lindsay Lohan? Whether it’s booze, pills, wrecking her car, flashing her goods to the first available cameraman, there is nothing not to like about this hot lesbian woman. She’s so bad that after virtually doing every guy in Hollywood, she decided to join the other team, where she’s stayed ever since. God love that woman.
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