10 Hot ‘Maxim’ Girls

These are the 10 hottest "Maxim" girls to ever appear between the pages of this popular men's magazine. "Maxim" has a reputation of getting the hottest girls in Hollywood to pose for them and these girls top the list.

  1. Avril Lavigne. Avril posed for "Maxim" with her trademark dark rocker look. She might just be the reason men all of a sudden like skaters girls.
  2. Kirsten Dunst. Always known as an all-American girl, Kirsten shed that reputation with her risque poses for "Maxim." All of a sudden, America's sweetheart was one of "Maxim's" best.
  3. Kaley Cuoco- This blonde-haired temptress was recently featured in "Maxim." Better known for her role as the sexy next door neighbor in "The Big Bang Theory," Kaley definitely earned her spot on this list.
  4. Jessica Alba. Already extremely popular among men, Alba cemented her status as one of the hottest girls in Hollywood when she posed for "Maxim," making every guy in the world go nuts.
  5. Amanda Bynes. This child star sure did grow up fast. One second she is on Nickelodeon's "The Amanda Show," the next second she is in every man's fantasy as they flip through the pages of "Maxim."
  6. Ashley Tisdale. This girl went from Disney starlet to posing half naked in "Maxim." Men are not complaining though; they are simply stating how much progress she has made.
  7. Alyssa Milano. Alyssa was in "Maxim" simply enjoying a day on the beach. Men all over the country enjoyed her day on the beach as well because they got a look at this very sexy "Maxim" girl.
  8. Kelly Brook. Kelly became a fan favorite because she posed half naked in "Maxim." But what exactly was so great about her shoot compared to others? Well, let's just say the color pink works for her.
  9. Lucy Liu- Lucy is the actress who stole America's hearts in "Charlie's Angels." Once she had our hearts, she just played around with them even more in her spread in "Maxim."
  10. Maria Sharapova- Maria is the Russian tennis star every man dreams about ever since her "Maxim" shoot. But it is not our fault. Have you seen how good she looks in a bikini?
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