10 Hot Movies Of 2008

Even though it's been a few years, here are 10 hot movies of 2008. This year was a great year for moviegoers, considering that it was chock full of huge blockbusters and independent fare alike. If you're a fan of going to the cinema, then this list of hot movies of 2008 is especially for you.

  1. "The Dark Knight." While the decision to replace the adorable Katie Holmes with the ho-hum Maggie Gyllenhaal was, in a word, odd, it cannot be denied that this was one of the hottest movies of 2008. We were given the performance of a lifetime from Heath Ledger, not to mention more explosive sequences that have since become Nolan's signature style.
  2. "Cloverfield." Television giant JJ Abrams decided to take the "Blair Witch Project" and mix it with a bit of "Godzilla" to make this highly-anticipated thrill ride through Manhattan. Having Odette Yustman star as the damsel in distress was a smart move, giving the world what many people refer to as a "younger-looking Megan Fox."
  3. "Slumdog MIllionaire." Director Danny Boyle fully embraces the Bollywood aesthetic in this vibrant romp through the streets of India. Dev Patel plays a contestant on the Indian version of "Who Wants to Be A Millionaire" who's trying to find his long-lost love, played by the astoundingly gorgeous Fredia Pinto. A visually pleasing flick that tugs at the heartstrings that was well-deserving of the "Best Picture" Oscar it won later that year.
  4. "Iron Man." One of the most anticipated of the year, this Jon Favreau film about billionaire Tony Stark and his unstoppable suit of man-made machinery is considered by many to be the best superhero film ever. Having Gwyneth Paltrow star as the sweetly seductive Pepper Pots added some much needed eye candy to the film, along with, of course, the dazzling lights and huge explosions.
  5. "The Wrestler." Mickey Rourke stars in this gripping tale about a faltering professional wrestler who's steadily trying to put his life back together. Marisa Tomei co-stars as a sweet stripper who is one of the most realistic we've seen in film history. Not some buxom celebrity in lingerie shaking her booty to Beyonce—but a pierced, slightly old, but still incredibly sexy dancer.
  6. "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull." While there weren't that many sexy ladies in this film, it's still one of the most anticipated movies of 2008, if not the past decade. Harrison Ford returns to play the man who made archaeology bad-ass, struggling against Cate Blanchett in a hectic search for alien technology. While we could've done without Shia LeBouf swinging through the tress with monkeys, it was good to see Mr. Ford wield his whip and fedora again.
  7. "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button." Cate Blanchett once again stars in this surreal trip through time as the lover of Brad Pitt, whose character is afflicted with a strange syndrome that causes him to age in reverse. While long-winded at times, this heartfelt love story with historical backdrops is definitely one of the hot movies of 2008.
  8. "Wall-E." While containing no real actors of any sort, it cannot be disputed that this was one of the best movies of 2008. Pixar's vision of the future, where mankind needs to get out of their easy chairs and Earth is in such shambles that we've delegated the clean-up to tiny robots, can only be described as adorably bleak. With approximately twenty minutes worth of dialog in the entire film, it's definitely one of the oddest films of the year, but once again, its charm cannot be argued.
  9. "Tropic Thunder." This celebrity-fueled comedy is easily one of the funniest movies of 2008, if not of all time. Robert Downey Jr., Ben Stiller, and Jack Black all star in this uproarious film about three former stars hoping to re-ignite their careers with a big budget war movie. Think "Apocalypse Now" mixed with "Meet the Parents."
  10. "Hancock." Will Smith stars as a belligerent super-hero who thwarts crimes between sleeping until noon and getting blackout drunk. While the ending may have been disappointing, you cannot deny that Charlize Theron looked absolutely fantastic every time she was on camera. 
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