10 Hot Movies For Her

If your significant other is female, it’s best to understand what she thinks is hot when considering 10 hot movies for her to watch. It should be a snap to select a proper film after looking at this list of ten hot movies.

  1. “American GigoloRichard Gere glows in this 1980 release that displays not only his physical attributes, but his acting abilities. Furthermore, this movie reverses the typical Hollywood prostitution role and lands solidly on this list of ten hot movies for her with its mix of romance and murder mystery.     
  2. “Pretty Woman” Richard Gere appears again in this 1990 Garry Marshall feature along with Julia Roberts. Even though very little eroticism is put forth in this film, the romance and underlying sexual tension makes this an obvious choice as one of ten hot movies for her as it tells the story of a wealthy businessman and a Los Angeles streetwalker falling in love while their lifestyles collide. 
  3. “Looking For Mr. Goodbar Coincidentally, the ever-popular Richard Gere also appears in this movie, but as a supporting player early in his career. This 1977 piece features Diane Keaton in a starring role as a woman attempting to empower herself sexually after latently moving away from her parent’s home. This movie is a must.     
  4. “Fatal AttractionGlenn Close, Anne Archer and Michael Douglas deliver fine performances in this steamy erotic thriller which focuses on horrific results that stem from an extramarital affair.  
  5. “Basic InstinctMichael Douglas appears again in this 1992 release, but the cinematic show is stolen by Sharon Stone whose character uses her sexuality as a weapon against a police detective investigating a murder.
  6. “ChocolatThe chemistry between Juliette Binoche and Johnny Depp in this year 2000 film is palpable on a sexual level. As the sparks fly in this story of a single businesswoman having a love affair with a wandering gypsy, this hot bit of celluloid makes itself one of the ten hot movies for your lady.
  7. “Love StoryThis 1970 release has an underlying sensuality for women. Further, its title says it all before watching the first frame of this poignant classic starring Ali McGraw and Ryan O’Neal as young lovers.  
  8. “Breakfast at Tiffany’sAgain, the hot nature of this film is subtle. But given the fact that this was released in 1961, its sexuality is quite risqué in the depiction of a romance between a charismatic free spirit and her current male suitor.
  9. “The English Patient” Though most male audience members were bored with this 1996 release, average female movie fans found it enthralling. Keep this story of an injured man and his nurse bonding near the end of WWII in mind.  
  10. “The Handmaid’s Tale” This 1990 film treatise tends to push the buttons of female viewers. Unlike typical Hollywood fare, this movie focuses on females as the driving force in a future society fixated on reproduction.
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