10 Hot Nude Actresses In Movies

If your love of the movies knows no bounds, then you need to know the ten hottest nude actresses in movies. Say what you will about the acting talents of these ladies, they easily have some of the best bodies in the film industry. Whether their nudity was gratuitous or simply for kicks, it doesn't matter. These are some of the best nude actresses in movies.

  1. Malin Ackerman. From "Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle," to "The Watchemen" this adorable blonde is no stranger to taking her top off for the camera. While she might not have the biggest boobs in Hollywood, she still is one of the best nude actresses in movies for the sheer ease she manages to convey while not wearing clothes. After all, nothing's better than a naked lady who is smiling at you while showing off the goods.
  2. Anne Hathaway. When she came onto the scene in "The Princess Diaries," everyone knew that this gorgeous woman had something to offer underneath all of those dresses. It wasn't until "Havoc," where she plays a sex-starved teenager, that we got to see her lovely lady lumps. Did we mention that she has a three-way in the movie with Bijou Phillips?
  3. Julianna Guill. She might be a relative unknown, but believe us when we say that she is one of the hottest nude actresses in film. It was her role in the 2009 remake of "Friday the 13th" that solidified her hotness. The pinnacle of her screen presence is an extended sex scene with co-star Travis Van Winkle, which is so hot that even Jason Voorhees stops to take a peek.
  4. Heather Graham. Ever since her role in the influential "Boogie Nights," Ms. Graham has been impressing audiences with her flawless body and glittering smile. It seems that no matter what movie she is in, most recently "The Hangover," she's showing some amount of skin. Any way you slice it, she's still one of the best nude actresses in movies.
  5. Jessica Biel. This buxom beauty has been charming us since her days on television's "7th Heaven," and she hasn't stopped since. Though she hinted at nude scenes in many movies, it wasn't until "Powder Blue" that she finally bared it all for the screen. In it, Biel plays a stripper, which is probably the best way for a Hollywood starlet to finally show some skin in film.
  6. Christina Ricci. She might be built like a 12-year-old, but she's definitely one of the best nude actresses in movies. It's really difficult to think of a film where Ricci doesn't show her body. Most recently in  "After Life," Ricci plays a recently-deceased woman who spends most of the film naked, on a slab in a mortician's workspace.
  7. Marisa Tomei. This lovely lady is the champion of nudity in film. Though she's older than most of the women on this list, she definitely has one of the best bodies in Hollywood. Especially in the film, "The Wrestler," Tomei portrayed one of the most realistic strippers ever—pierced, a little older, but still extremely sexy.
  8. Amanda Seyfried. Ever since her debut in "Mean Girls," we were always hoping to see this blonde bombshell in the buff. Luckily, we did in films like "Alpha Dog" and "Chloe." The latter, which is actually a remake of the 2003 French film "Nathalie," is the story of how Seyfried, a prostitute, tears Julianne Moore's family apart using nothing but her feminine wiles.
  9. Amy Smart. This hot blonde starlet is always known for playing the slightly skanky love interest, so it's no surprise that she's on this list of the best hot nude actresses in movies. Take, for instance, the movie "Crank" in which Smart plays the girlfriend of Jason Statham's Chev Chelios. Even when she was wearing clothes in that movie, her dress clung so comfortably against her skin she was practically naked throughout the entire film.
  10. Shannon Elizabeth. Shannon Elizabeth is the queen of hot nude actresses in movies. Anyone who doesn't remember her scene in "American Pie" probably needs to have their head examined, because it's one of the best in cinematic history. We would've given anything to be Jason Biggs during that scene.
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