10 Hot Nude Athletic Women

Counting down 10 hot nude athletic women is a fairly easy feat, since seemingly, so many female athletes have stripped down for the camera. Nude athletic women are the best because while they might not be proportioned, they make up for it by being some of the healthiest models we've seen to date. If you like your women natural yet unbelievably sexy, here are 10 hot nude athletic women.

  1. Lauren Jackson. This Australian swimmer posed for a nude pictorial in the prominent magazine "Black + White." Known primarily for featuring Australian athletes in the buff, this particular issue was artfully done, eschewing body shots in favor of gorgeous scenarios and subdued tones. It's a shame that Jackson had to sully the experience by posing with her boyfriend, swimmer Brooke Hanson.
  2. Haley Cope. This all-American blonde earned a silver medal during the Athens games in the 400m relay. More importantly for this list, she was featured in the "Playboy" pictorial of "Women of the 2004 Olympics." Her slender figure and gorgeous smile are still making men drool.
  3. Gabrielle Reece. What's better than a professional volleyball player, but one that posed for "Playboy?" Yes, Reece did this in 2001, and we managed to finally get a glimpse of what she was hiding under than uniform. She body is completely toned to the point where it's difficult to find an ounce of fat on her, with abs that could probably kill a man if she wanted them to.
  4. Hannah Teter. With short blonde hair and a hard body that's naught but fit for the slopes, it's not wonder that Teter won the US a gold medal in the 2006 half pipe competition. It was this very same combination of assets that got her placed in that year's "Sports Illustrated" swimsuit edition. While we didn't get to see the goods, she still did pose in the bare, making her one of the best hot nude athletic women out there.
  5. Amy Acuff. This US high jumper has one of the best bodies on the list—long, slender legs, silky blonde hair, and rock hard abs. She showed all of these off in "FHM" and a 2004 issue of "Playboy." She also happens to be a licensed acupuncturist, making her one of the hottest and most multi-talented nude athletic women.
  6. Rebecca Romero. This svelte British cyclist has a body to die for, with zero fat to be found and toned muscles exactly where she needs them. She posed with triple-jumper Phillips Idowu and swimmer Gregor Tait in a 2008 advertisement for Powerade. Though you can't see her breasts, you can see her amazing muscles at work, making Romero the hottest athlete in the pictorial.
  7. Katarina Witt. Probably the most famous hot nude athletic woman to date, she won 4 World Championship gold medals for figure skating throughout her career. She was also the star of the December 1998 issue of "Playboy," which was the second-fastest selling issue of the magazine. 
  8. Mia St. John. Chocolate skin, long hair, toned abs, and a the body of a Goddess. We're not describing a Hollywodd starlet, but in fact boxer MIa St. John. She bared it all for the camera in a 1999 issue of "Playboy" proving that chicks who enjoy knocking other people in the face can remain sexy.
  9. Nicole Reinhardt. This German Olympic sailor posed alongside a few other athletes in a 2008 issue of the German "Playboy." Apparently, this caused so much controversy in their home country that everyone briefly forgot that these ladies were representing Germany in the upcoming Summer Games. 
  10. Amanda Beard. This all-American bombshell is no stranger to the camera. She's already posed in "FHM" and "Maxim," and her husband is a photographer. Plus, she was the centerpiece in "Playboy's" infamous "Women of the 2004 Olympics" pictorial.
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