10 Hot Older Actresses

Age is just a number for the 10 hot older actresses blazing up the screens in Hollywood and abroad. Proving that sexy can go far beyond the limits of conventional wisdom, these women are not afraid to show off their assets and make younger men feel awfully weird about admitting the attraction.

  1. Helen Mirren. In the ring of hot older actresses, Helen Mirren is the champion. Still sporting an unbelievable physique that does her justice in a red bikini, the smoking stage and film actress is not afraid, even over the age of 60, to take off her clothes. Audiences everywhere are the better for it.  
  2. Katey Sagal. Peg Bundy has never ceased to be a sexual creature. It follows the actress who played her wherever she goes. After "Married with Children" and the later John Ritter vehicle "8 Simple Rules" ended, Sagal has stayed largely inactive, but that hasn't stopped her from earning her rightful place among the hot older actresses in Hollywood.
  3. Monica Bellucci. From her role as Mary Magdalene in "Passion of the Christ" to her sexpot vixen in "Shoot 'Em Up," Bellucci has not allowed age to slow her down or cool off audiences. Most recent films include 2010's "The Whistleblower" and "The Sorcerer's Apprentice."
  4. Diane Lane. Credits include "Must Love Dogs," "Untraceable," "Hollywoodland," and the upcoming "Secretariat." At 45 years of age, there is no stopping Diane Lane's incredible physique, grace, and beauty from placing her among the best hot older actresses in the world.
  5. Demi Moore. You would never know by looking at her that Demi Moore is approaching 50 years of age. She keeps herself in immaculate shape. From face to body, there are few finer in Hollywood than this mother of three.
  6. Lauren Graham. North of 40, this bombshell rose to prominence with a guest spot on "Seinfeld" and a starring role on the popular "Gilmore Girls." Graham has since transitioned to the big screen with a voice role in "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs," and two key roles in "Flash of Genius," starring Greg Kinnear, and the 2010 film "It's Kind of a Funny Story." Her brunette locks, piercing eyes, and killer body makes her one of the best hot older actresses working today.
  7. Kristin Davis. Another former "Seinfeld" girlfriend, Davis landed her big break with a starring role on the HBO series "Sex and the City." With a sequel to the blockbuster film continuation planned for 2010, the future looks bright for this excellent choice among the hot older actresses in Tinseltown.
  8. Mary-Louise Parker. With early film successes such as "Fried Green Tomatoes" and "Grand Canyon," it was hard to imagine this 45-year old as finding most of her success on the small screen as the smoking hot pot-selling mom in the acclaimed Showtime series "Weeds." But the reality is, like a fine wine, Parker is just getting better with age. If this choice among the hot older actresses keeps improving, she could be the heir apparent to Helen Mirren's throne.
  9. Elizabeth Hurley. It doesn't seem fair including Elizabeth Hurley on a list of hot older actresses. How can the rest compete? This brunette babe is north of 40 and hotter than 20, so she belongs here.  
  10. Marisa Tomei. The Oscar-winner for "My Cousin Vinny" was seen as one of the hottest young actresses upon that film's release. Many years have passed, but her turn as a sultry stripper in "The Wrestler" proved that the more things change, the more they stay the same. Deserving of her place on this list of hot older actresses for a body, face, and an attitude with which most younger starlets simply cannot compete!
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