10 Hot Olympic Figure Skating Gold Metalists

Coming up with a list of the ten hottest figure skating gold medalists of all time is no easy task—there are many lovely ladies to choose from. Here are ten who could make any man’s ice melt.

  1. Katarina Witt. Any list of hot figure skating gold medalists has to start with Katarina Witt. The voluptuously built German beauty won gold at both the ’84 Sarajevo and ’88 Calgary Olympic Games. She also won the lustful desire of men all over the world and rewarded her fans by posing nude in the December ’98 issue of "Playboy.”
  2. Ekaterina Gordeeva. This beautiful Russian won pairs gold along with her late husband Sergei Grinkov at ’88 Calgary and ’92 Lillehammer. “Katia” returned to skating in ’96 with a solo career and established herself as one of the world’s hottest figure skating gold medalists with an appearance in the 2003 “Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.”  
  3. Jamie Salé. Canada’s Jamie Salé and her partner David Pelletier were awarded gold a week after initially being given silver medals in a controversial decision at the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics. When it comes to Jaime’s sex appeal, however, there is no controversy. Her photo spread in “FHM” magazine is more than enough proof that she belongs high on the list of hottest figure skating gold medalists of all time.
  4. Oksana Baiul. If you like your hot figure skaters a bit on the wild side, Oksana Baiul is your girl. The Ukrainian emerged from the rubble of the Nancy Kerrigan/Tonya Harding fiasco as gold medalist of the ’94 Lillehammer Olympics. Then she came to America and turned into a sexy party girl with a major drinking problem.
  5. Kristi Yamaguchi. Figure skaters have the nicest, firmest butts and none have ever had a finer bottom than Kristi Yamaguchi. The gold medal winner at ’92 Albertville really showed off her sexy side as she won season six of “Dancing with the Stars” solidifying her spot on the list of hottest figure skating gold medalists of all time.
  6. Peggy Fleming. She was an innocent-looking 18-year-old when she spun her way to gold at the ’68 Games in Grenoble, France. It was after returning home that Peggy Fleming gracefully matured into one of America’s hottest figure skating gold medalists of all time.
  7. Dorothy Hamill. Her hair got as much attention as her skating ability while winning gold in ’76 at Innsbruck, Austria. But while Dorothy Hamill’s wedge cut was becoming a favorite hairstyle among American women, it was her figure that American men were looking at, which earns her a spot on the all time list of hottest figure skating gold medalists.
  8. Tara Lipinski. Tara was a cute and tiny 15-year-old when she won our hearts and a gold medal at Nagano in ’98. Then the little spinner grew up, and now at 27, the adjective “hot” can be added to describe her.
  9. Sonja Henie. The three-time Olympic gold medalist (’28,’32,’36) from Norway turned her skating success into a lucrative film career. Had compiling lists of hot figure skaters been the norm in her day, Sonja Henie would most definitely have been number one.
  10. Barbara Ann Scott. She took gold at the ’48 Olympics in St. Moritz and then took the hearts of Canadian men after posing in a swimsuit while eating an ice cream cone. That alone earns Barbara Ann Scott a slot on our list of hottest figure skating gold medalists.



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