10 Hot Pakistani Actresses

Our list of the top 10 hot Pakistani actresses was difficult to fulfill. Not because beautiful Pakistani women are impossible to find, but because there were an overwhelming number of choices to choose from. Nevertheless, we made the seemingly impossible quite possible, and present our findings to you! 
  1. Sadia Imam. Sadia Imam is a native Pakistani beauty from Islamabad, Pakistan. Sadia's ethereal beauty can be witnessed acting on TV, sauntering down runways and in commercials. She's the sister of actress Aliya Imam, another sultry Middle Eastern beauty who lights up television screens. 
  2. Aaminah Haq. Known as the “Aishwarya Rai of Pakistan,” this sexy Pakistani beauty has razor-sharp acting skills, and is a known force on the catwalk even though she’s only 5’3”. She's been in a number of feature films and has been known to send hearts racing and lungs gasping for air.
  3.  Mehreen Syed. Mehreen Syed is one of Lahore’s tallest beauties. She’s 5’9” and winner of the 2007 International Model of the Year award.
  4. Jia Ali. Once a Wrangler Jeans model, Jia Ali is a highly-recognized supermodel and actress from Pakistan. Known to be highly selective, she’s turned down many movies in both Bollywood and Hollywood, showing great care in her role consideration. 
  5. Zoella. At one time one of Pakistan's highest-paid models, Zoella's beauty is no match for the average plain Jane. She entered the entertainment industry against her parents' approval, but the decision has obviously paid off well when you imagine the profits in her bank account. 
  6. Noor. Sexy Noor is a Pakistani delight who appears in big screen movies and music videos.  Although blessed with an innocent and alluring face, Noor has been involved in many off-screen scandals, including a marriage conflict with her parents, giving this angelic beauty a naughty side that will drive you wild. 
  7. Saima. Saima is a sexy Pakistani actress whose debut  was in Khatarnaak in the 1990s. Her sultry looks have smoldered on screens across the globe. Rumored to be one of the most successful hot Pakistani actresses to date, Saima boasts more than 200 films on her resume. We're definitely looking forward to a potential U.S. debut. 
  8. Saira Khan. Exotic Saira Khan is blessed with quiet beauty. Her dusky skin and exotic eyes give her dramatic physical appeal that makes her a favorite on television screens and male fantasies. 
  9.  Laila. Lovely Laila is a Pakistani film actress with soft features and feminine poise. She's thought to be lesser known but her resume has a few very good roles in it. 
  10. Anita Ayub. Anita Ayub possesses bold beauty with a serene character. She's appeared in a number of Pakistani films and possesses great talent. 






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