10 Hot Sex Ideas

 You have done the flowers and wine, and now it is time to get down to the nitty gritty, so you need 10 hot sex ideas. Allow your heightened sexuality to take over as you engulf yourself in a night of ecstasy. The next time you have sex, implement these hot sex ideas and both you and your partner will be certain to reach sexual satisfaction. 

  1. Try new sex positions. While you may think that you have performed all of the possible sex positions in the universe, there is an array of sex positions that you may not know exist. Learn new sex positions in the books sold at sex stores. You can also conduct an online search to learn new sex positions.
  2. Have bathroom sex. Give the bed a break and have sex in the bathroom. Place your girl on top of the sink while you stand up and strike her. Have sex in the tub filled with bubbles. Have her give you a lap dance while you sit on the toilet. Bathroom sex can be fun and exotic.
  3. Use sex toys. If you have never used toys during sex, you are missing out on the sex toy culture. Using toys during sex is the hottest sex idea since the invention since the invention of sex.
  4. Implement bondage during sex play. Bondage sex is yet another hot sex idea. If you have a scarf that you don't use, put it to good use and tie your girl up or blindfold her when you are having sex.
  5. Masturbate. Sex play can be just as electrifying as sex. Have your partner take turns masturbating each other until both of you feel sexually aroused.
  6. Increase sexual intimacy with hard core foreplay. If you have done the normal touching and kissing, it is time to raise the volume. Smack her butt cheeks, play strip tease, watch porn together.
  7. Create a sex playlist to listen to during sex. Music helps set the mood during sex, help structure and reinforce the rhythm and pace of your strokes, and lastly it amplifies arousal. This hot sex idea requires you to know your sex style because you will have to choose songs that align with the way your perform during sex.
  8. Fulfill your sexual fantasies. If you are human, you have a sexual fantasy. Dig deep inside of your naughty mind and realize some of those fantasies with your partner.
  9. Role play. Play dirty cop and naughty girl. This hot sex idea will have you and your partner experience a memorable sexual performance.
  10. Use food to seduce your partner. The next time you go to the grocery store, purchase whipped cream or chocolate syrup and put it on a favorable spot of your partner's body and work that area with your tongue. If you do choose to implement food during sex play, make sure that your partner doesn't have an allergic skin reaction condition. Also, be sure that if you are using a sugary food, do not to use it below the waste, as this may cause bacteria and yeast to grow.
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