10 Hot Sex Positions

There are 10 Hot Sex Positions that can help you take you and your partners love making to a totally different level. These 10 positions have been known to bring both men and women to their highest peaks. Finding out what it is that makes your partner nuts in bed and puts a smile on their face. Changing positions in the bedroom has been a in and out the bedroom pleaser. You gain the ability of finding new heights and better stories to engage your friends in at work. The 10 Positions below should increase the pleasure of fun in the bedroom.

  1. Digging Deep– This positions allows a man to take full control over the driving of his thrust. The woman can lay either way, but her hips must remain facing the man, and secured between both of his hands. This allows easy access for the man to dig deeper and deeper inside of a woman.
  2. The Sex Squat- The male squats in front of a woman while gently placing him on top of her. The man controls thrust action moving back and forth as one hand remains on the floor for support. The woman gently slides back and forth to receive better pleasure in this position.
  3. Staircase-This positions is mostly used when there is a big height difference between lovers. If the man is height challenged this gives him a sense of control. The man places the woman below him and sits on top of her. Beginning with slow thrust and gradually moving faster gives the man control over the woman and how high her peak will be.
  4. Woman on Top-Woman on Top is one of men's favorite. Men love to see women in act whether its on t.v. or in the bedroom. While on top the woman can control the speed and pressure to suit her body, whether its slow or fast.
  5. Man on Top-Is the old fashion way of pleasing your partner. A man being on top can increase the speed of pumps by a woman's pleasure. This is exactly what men love, and that's being in control. A woman may lay on her back or stomach which ever brings greats pleasure.
  6. Standing– This position is usually performed in the heat of the woman. Woman are most likely in the front while holding on to the wall or a sturdy chair. Be careful while performing this position that you or your partner does not loose your balance. It can happen once the thrusting and passion begins.
  7. Spooning-A woman loves to be spooned, its a emotional and sensual feeling. Spooning position gives you the opportunity to kiss slowly, role play and control your thrust whether fast or slow. Spooning is known to be one of woman's favorite.
  8. Exotic-Stable chairs or a wall are permitted with this position. A woman's feet placed on a man's shoulder while he sits in a chair is a exotic position that benefits both man and woman. A woman bent over holding on to a chair why the man softly enters her and thrust from behind.
  9. Acrobatic-These positions can be dangerous and health insurance may be a necessity before completing such positions. Make sure that woman or man are holding on to something sturdy. The woman hangs from the top of the bed while the man performs oral sex, flipping her over and slowly making love until they are both well pleased.
  10. Top to Bottom– A woman's bottom at the top the man's head and vice versa. This is also a perfect time for you and your partner to perform oral sex before getting the mood set. After performing oral sex. The woman can crawl on top and begin riding a man from a frontward or backward position. Men loves this and it brings them to their highest peak.
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