10 Hot Sexting Examples


If you aren’t sexting anyone these days, you clearly aren’t part of the cool crowd—everyone is doing it! College girls sext their boyfriends, congressmen sext their mistresses and lose their jobs, and ninety percent of high school students have sent naked pictures over the internet to someone. (Ok, that last stat was made up, but still, it has to be a lot.) Good and bad examples of sexting abound on the internet, so you might as well start off your salacious SMS career with some honest sexting advice to make sure that you don’t fail in your first attempt. Not all sexting phrases are created equal, you know.

These 10 hot sexting examples will help you create and amplify sexual tension. You might think of sexting as “digital flirting.” Sexting isn’t just cute and
flirty sayings either. It can also be erotic and provocative picture exchange. Depending on the chemistry between the two parties and vaults, sexting can be can also be cheesy, such as “Are your feet tired? ‘Cause you’ve been running around in my dreams all night.” Sexting is not just for the younger generations either. AARP reports that seniors are also getting in on the action by exchanging racy messages.

Sexting can make the dull moments jump to life and make time waltz by. If you’re sitting at the DMV, you can be having a naughty conversation with somebody and nobody knows what you’re really doing. You could be it the airport, wishing for a better way to pass the time because of your flight delay–sexting to the rescue.  Anywhere you can think of where you have a moment to yourself, you can engage in sexting.

  1. “I am craving a Sunday, but I’m on a diet. Can I pour chocolate all over you and top you off with the cherry?” This is the perfect sexting example when two people have a good sense of humor. You can think of it as “flirting for comedians.”
  2. “Tonight…” Very subtle, but also very powerful. It delivers your message, as well as excites the imagination.
  3. “Your wardrobe needs to be updated. How about trying me on?” This is less subtle, but also clearly deliver your intentions in a tasteful way.
  4. “I couldn’t stop staring at your big, luscious, tempting, t-t-t-teeth. You have such a beautiful smile.” This leads your date down one path, only to take an unexpected turn. You can think of it as a gentleman’s way of letting her know you enjoy her physical features.
  5. “Want to be the nude model for my art project? The pay isn’t great, but we can discuss the perks.” This one says it all.
  6. “I threw away my expensive cologne for something better. When can you come over and apply your scent all over me?” This sext tells your girlfriend there will be little time for monkey business because the focus will be on the real business.
  7. “Forget M&Ms. I melt in your hands.” If you’re looking at this and think it’s cheesy, you are forgetting the chemistry that can happen when the time is right. It
  8. lets your girlfriend know how she makes you feel.
  9. “Can you be my full time job?” Cute and flirty. Done.
  10. “How do I go about setting up an interview for the sex-crazed boy toy position?” This one is really good because it demands a response. The response you’re going to get should be quite stimulating since the underlying goal of sexting is to amplify sexual attraction.
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