10 Hot South Indian Actress Boobs

It is truly a shame that Bollywood does not receive more notoriety abroad, and you need look not further than this list of 10 hot South Indian actress boobs for proof. These talented ladies represent a broad diversity of boobs, from small and sleek to round and heavy, which should truly inspire even the most uninterested film buffs to take a look at some of India’s finest productions.

  1. Aishwarya Rai – An entrancing, pixie-eyed beauty that has the distinctive look of an angel, and a pair of formidable, fairly large boobs to compliment, Ms. Rai was the star of the Bollywood hit “Bride and Prejudice.”
  2. Nayantara – Voluptuous and devilishly cute, Indian actress Nayantara should never need an excuse to sport a low cut top. The star of the film “Manassinakkare”, she is eerily reminiscent of a naughty Mandy Moore.
  3. Meghna Naidu – A full-bodied woman possessed of a broad, creamy cleavage that demands consideration. If her breasts were a classical composition they would be something accordingly overflowing, bursting against its restraints in attempts to convey something luscious. Vivaldi’s “Spring” comes to mind. She was the star of “Lust” (“Hawas”), a 2004 Hindi film.
  4. Shruti Hassan – Fiercely glam rock and roll fashionista Shruti carries about a permanent windswept look, knowing eyes complimented nicely by a knowing pair of mammary glands just below. Not large, but blatantly obvious beneath a tantalizingly buttoned blouse. She has appeared in Verve magazine, sung in several films, and was the star of the Bollywood flick “Luck.”
  5. Priya Rai – One of India’s most famous adult performers, Ms. Rai’s most popular assets are the dangling duo of globular flesh which hangs fat and sweet from her upper body. Although there may be something overstated about her blatant nudity, the sexual exclamation point she puts on this list cannot be disregarded. She has won an award for  Best All-Girl Group Sex Scene in her adult flick “Cheerleaders.”
  6. Riya Sen – A breathtakingly beautiful actress, Riya has a languid lustrousness that crosses somewhere between American counterparts Drew Barrymore and Megan Fox. Her lovely-shaped breasts lend her petite frame a fuller composition. Ms. Sen was featured in the 2001 musical film “Jhankaar Beats.”
  7. Freida Pinto – The heartrending star of Best Picture winning “Slumdog Millionaire”, Ms. Pinto is one of those women whose eyes will, perhaps indefinitely, distract you from the rest of her body, rather than vice versa. Her boobs may be small, but they are the perfect accent to one of the most stunning visions alive.
  8. Shriya Saran – A spicy, sultry, hip-twisting sexpot whose well-displayed breasts exude a desirousness that could have been the offspring of Shakira and Kim Kardashian. One of India’s major leading actresses, Saran is most noted for her performance in “Sivaji: The Boss.”
  9. Soha Ali Khan – Simple girl next door looks that become curvaceously intoxicating upon further consideration. Ms. Khan has, if anyone does, the x-factor, making it far too easy to become lost in the bend of her spine, the protrusion of her bust, the athleticism of her slim, erect figure. She won acclaim for her role in the 2005 Bengali film “Antar Maha.”
  10. Ayisha Takia – Though perhaps outstripped by her formidable competition in other categories, Ayisha’s breasts are the best among South Indian actresses. Her boobs are perfect orbs, firm and upright, nimble and conforming well to her signature gyrating dance steps. Ms. Takia gained nororiety for her breakthrough performance in “Taarzan: The Wonder Car”, a 2004 Tollywood hit.
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