10 Hot Spanish Girls

If you are a looking for a little Spanish flirtation and heat, you can't do any better than the 10 hot Spanish girls on this list. Just looking at them will warm you up on a cold and wintry winter day.

  1. Karyme Lozano heats up television sets around the world with her fiery passion on Spanish soap operas such as "Tres Mujeres". This sexy young lady jumps onto the list of hot Spanish girls partially thanks to her fondness for wearing very revealing outfits showing her well maintained figure.
  2. Giselle Blondet's name might make her sound like a blonde, but this member of the hot Spanish girls list is a sexy brunette. Her busty figure has gotten her jobs on Spanish speaking television shows including morning news such as "Despierta America" and entertainment programs and as a reality show host.
  3. Candela Ferro appears on weekends on Telemundo in soap operas like "Decisiones", but if you need to see more of this Spanish beauty on the  hot Spanish girls list, she is on E! during the week. Her name sounds like candle and her passion is like playing with a hot flame.
  4. Kate Del Castillo has been featured in different soap opera programs on Spanish television as well as the movie "Under The Same Moon" in 2007. She has also dated several famous international soccer stars, jumping onto the top hot Spanish girls list.
  5. Bairbara Bermuda is from Cuba but has been seen on many Spanish television award programs interviewing celebrities on the red carpet and the show "Primer Impacto". This brunette beauty is also a reporter on morning television as one of the early risers from our hot Spanish girls list.
  6. ThalAa is a recording star who has married producer Tommy Mottola. What got her on the hot Spanish girls list though is her work on Spanish soap operas, as she does not hide her passion or figure on those shows. Her first soap opera was "Pobre Senorita Limantour"
  7. Bairbara Mori shares the first name of the young lady that is number five on this list of hot Spanish girls. She has made this list along with several of the others for her passionate and sexy roles on Spanish soap operas such as "Azul".
  8. Why they hid Elana Anaya's beautiful figure in the dark setting of "Van Helsing" can be debated. What can't be debated is that she deserves a spot on the list of hot Spanish girls.
  9. Lucia Lapiedra has moved onto the television screen, as one of Spain's hottest porn actresses. This beautiful blonde and busty young lady has earned her spot on the 10 hot Spanish girls list in movies such as "Nacho Rides Again"
  10. Sex sells and Carolina Cerezuela knows that. This member of the hot Spanish girls list started out on Spanish soap operas and then moved on to film some of the hottest sex scenes on the Spanish version of "Grey's Anatomy".
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