10 Hot Topless Models

Here are 10 hot topless models perfect for your lustiest fantasies. These sexy babes have some of the juiciest sweater puppies you'll ever see, and like a little red Corvette, they look best with their tops off. Take a peek at these hotties and enjoy. 

  1. Jenna Jameson. Hot blonde babe Jenna Jameson is the first hot topless model we'll mention because, come on man… it's obvious she's a classic. Who doesn't love big, beautiful American boobs on a hot tanned chick? The X-rated beauty has knockers we can wank all day on. 
  2. Tera Patrick. Tall, dark and Asian, sexy Thai and white babe Tera Patrick has some big and juicy naturals that will totally make you rock hard as soon as you see them. Whether she's pinching her nipples for a secret photo set or simply jutting them out alluringly for your pleasure, Tera's a classic topless model with a beautiful face and perfect chest. 
  3. Justene Jaro. Petite topless model Justene Jaro has some sexy tits. This hot topless model's boobs are caramel-toned, perky and look soft as sin. Her sexy body has been featured in men's magazines worldwide. She's extremely exotic and beautiful, but make no mistake, her body looks best topless. 
  4. Jayden James. Porn star Jayden James has some sexy college girl tits. We love watching them bounce and jiggle in scenes, whether she's on her knees giving a blow-j or when she's on top and riding her co-star. Search those boobs and tell us they're not worth a position on this list. 
  5. Trish Stratus. As far as we know, Trish Stratus has never been a hot topless model… but that's only because she's never been completely topless. But that doesn't stop us from dreaming. Either way, if the Universe really loves us, we'll see those sexy Canadian breasts free and liberated from the evil confines of cotton tops sooner than later. 
  6. Eva Angelina. Sexy Cuban and Chinese porn star Eva Angelina's hot topless model tits are the greatest. They are perfect, perky and look great with lots of baby goo on them. And, that hot little heart tattoo makes them unforgettable.   
  7. Priya Rai. Indian titty lovers of the world unite! Priya Angeli Rai's Aquarian topless tits are what makes her gorgeously supreme in the Desi model category. While Priya's already sexy and talented, her desire to use her breasts for the greater good of man's sexual needs elevate her to a goddess. 
  8. Angela Devi. While we're on Indian babyfeeders, we can't forget to mention the lovely Angela Devi. While she loved to flex her yoga skills and share her roleplay fantasies, Angela Devi's sexy knockers made us wanna cum for mama. Goo goo ga ga. 
  9. Jill Nicolini. Now an anchor on "Pix Morning News," former fitness and topless model Jill Nicolini is the epitome of tight Italian beauty. Her sexy smile, tight buns and lush lips are outrageously perfect, but those juicy tomatoes underneath her top are a complete turn-on. We'd love to stir her pot with our sausage handle. 
  10. Kendra Wilkinson. New MILF Kendra is a former "Playboy" playmate and one of Hugh Heffner's former girlfriends. While her breasts are now used to help feed and nurture her son, Kendra's hot sexy American tits made her of our favorite sexy topless models of all time. 
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