10 Hot Women Models

Fortunately for the men of Earth, there are many hot women roaming the planet as proven by the existence of these 10 hot women models. There are many models who pose for a variety of publications from sports magazines to pornographic publications. The really hot women models have perfect skin, pretty faces and above average breasts. Here are the 10 hottest models in the world today.

  1. "Miranda Kerr." She hails from down under and her image has an effect on things down under for most men. She has quickly become more famous than her actor husband. Orlando Bloom. She is fast becoming one of the 10 hot women models of the decade and as sexy girls go she is at the top of the class. 
  2. "Lucy Pinder." She is not that well known in the U.S. but she has the best pair of knockers in the United Kingdom. She is best known for appearing topless in "The Sun" newspaper on a regular basis. The Queen must be proud to have subjects with as much sex appeal as Lucy Pinder. 
  3. "Gisele Bundchen." A hot model from Brazil and one of the most sought after sexy women in the world. Gisele is tall and seems able to attract any man she wants with her sexy eyes and ample breasts. Known for dating movie stars including Leonardo Di Caprio.
  4. "Ana Beatriz Barros." Another incredibly hot model from Brazil, Ana is fast emerging from the shadow of Gisele. Like her more famous compatriot she has a blend of Spanish and North European looks that men simply cannot resist. Fans can see her scantily clad in the 2010 Pirelli calendar.
  5. "Olga Kurylenko." Ukraine is not famous for many things but that may soon change now that the world has seen hot model Olga strutting her stuff. She has a second career as a movie actress and as long as she wears very little she is likely to remain a star.  
  6. "Ida Ljungqvist." Her name makes her sound like a Scandinavian but she is a dark beauty who delighted men everywhere when she became a Playboy model. Fantastically large breasts and a peach of a butt qualify her for the top 10 and no surprise that she was "Playboy" playmate of the year in 2009.
  7. "Marissa Miller." She is tall, blonde, has flawless skin and seems to only ever get photographed when she is naked. Who could ask for any more of a sexy American model ? She rose to fame when in "Sports Illustrated," but also does some side work for Harley Davidson.
  8. "Adriana Lima." One of the many incredibly sexy women to have emerged on the South American modelling scene. Dark hair, blue eyes and legs that appear to have no end. Gorgeous girl. She is not doing as much for Victoria's Secret since she had her first child with her Serbian love a few years ago.
  9. "Janine Habeck." Germany has stopped invading its neighbors and instead become a nation that supplies hot women models to the rest of the world. If you thought Heidi Klum was a sex bomb then check out busty Habeck. She has the figure to be a Bavarian bar maid.
  10. "Lauren Anderson." Another American and another Playboy playmate. She made her name on a Fox TV sow searching for budding "Playboy" models. Lauren is a nude model who has a classic look that is a throwback to the days of "Charlies Angels." Flowing blonde hair and a smoking hot body. More than any man could ask for.
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