10 Hot Young Blonde Actresses

If you’re into young, blonde hotties, then here are ten hot, young, blonde actresses. All of them are very talented, but more importantly, they're all very hot. In fact, many of them could be considered more than hot, capturing that indescribable “it” quality that makes one attractive for seemingly no special reason.

  1. Kristen Bell. In reality, Kristen Bell may be getting a touch old for the list, but she looks at least five years younger than she is. She isn't incredibly, out-of-control popular yet, but that's probably because she can still play teenagers. Once she looks a little older, maybe she won't have to take teenage roles anymore. After all, her most famous part was the main character in “Veronica Mars.” She’s still a ridiculously hot, young blonde no matter how you look at it though.
  2. Scarlett Johanssen. They may not make women as gorgeous as her anymore. She is a phenomenal actress who's been in some of Hollywood’s most critically acclaimed films. She has that indefinable “it” quality. Some may call it a classic beauty. Whatever it is, she has it, and it’s part of what makes her unique in today’s Hollywood.
  3. Kirsten Dunst. Recently, she has been known as a redhead, but she’s really a blonde. For some time now, people have known her as one of the most talented hot, young, blonde actresses. What makes her so appealing? It has to be the dimples. You just don’t see hot girls with dimples like hers.
  4. Kate Bosworth. She’s had a lot of different roles in her career. She’s been the cool, sexy surfer chick. She played the rather slutty girlfriend of John Holmes in “Wonderland.” Somehow, she even pulled off the rather dignified, yet hot, Lois Lane. She’s one of the most versatile hot, young, blonde actresses.
  5. Amber Heard. With Amber Heard, it’s all about her gorgeous, green eyes. Okay, she has a great smile too. Curiously enough, she manages to take all those hot features that everybody ignores, and make you notice her for them. She was even kind of hot as a zombie in “Zombieland.” Who else can make that claim?
  6. Eva Amurri. Eva definitely isn’t blonde all the time. Much of what makes her attractive is her personality and the way she carries herself. She’s one of those women who represents sexy everywhere she goes. Plus, she has a great rack, and it couldn’t possibly go unmentioned.
  7. Hilary Duff. Finally, it’s not weird to talk about how hot Hillary Duff is. Thank God for that, too, because she hasn’t made a movie worth talking about yet. She’s been acting for a long time now, but her looks are all she has, although, you don't need much more these days. Besides, some people probably think she's talented.
  8. Elisha Cuthbert. If your breakout role is the porn star living next door, then you should never question your attractiveness. This is especially true in Hollywood where an unattractive woman would never play a porn star. What’s her most amazing quality? Her ability to make the cleft chin sexy, which is a nearly impossible feat for a woman.
  9. Amanda Seyfried. Amanda Seyfriend is something like a perfect ten, not just when it comes to hot blonde actresses either. She was in the first season of "Veronica Mars" with another hot young blonde, Kristen Bell, but she’s well known for her lead role in the musical, “Mamma Mia!” In case you didn’t figure it out, that means she has a great set of lungs.
  10. Hayden Panettierre. Hayden is still young, and she already has a great career behind her. She went from being the bossy little girl in “Remember the Titans” to the hot cheerleader in “Heroes.” She has a great career in her future, and she’s going to make one hell of a cougar some day. Just wait and see.
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