10 Hottest ‘American Idol’ Contestants

Since 2002, the most popular talent contest in television history has presented viewers with hundreds of attractive young ladies looking for stardom, but only a handful qualify for inclusion on our list of the 10 hottest “American Idol” contestants of all time. Here for your enjoyment are ten young lasses who could have been a lot less talented than they are and still have won the hearts of American men.

  1. Katharine McPhee. Number one on our list of the hottest “American Idol” contestants of all time is this smoking hot, raven-haired season five runner-up. Blessed with a beautiful face and a body to die for, Katharine McPhee kept male viewers tuning in each week the entire season. Since “Idol,” Kat has appeared in several acting roles in addition to pursuing a recording career.
  2. Kristy Lee Cook. She finished seventh in season seven but Kristy Lee Cook is second on our list of the ten hottest “American Idol” contestants. A perfect blend of “girl next door” cuteness and centerfold sexiness, this blonde’s relatively early exit from the show was a major disappointment for men who value looks over talent—which, of course, is all men.
  3. Carrie Underwood. She won it all in season four and that was just the beginning. A multiple Grammy winner, Carrie Underwood is now one of the biggest stars in country music. Blessed with a great voice, it’s her natural beauty and a penchant for wearing extremely short skirts that make this Oklahoma girl one of the hottest “American Idol” contestants of all time.
  4. Kellie Pickler. If you like your women blond, sexy and not too bright, you’ll love Kellie Pickler. This gal from the hills looks like the farmer’s daughter every guy dreams about. She turned her season five sixth place finish into a successful country music career, complete with a boob job and a number four ranking on our list of the hottest “American Idol” contestants.
  5. Kimberly Caldwell. The season two blonde hottie was eliminated fairly early, but not before making an impression with her smoldering sex appeal. Kimberly Caldwell is now seen regularly hosting a variety of shows on the TV Guide Network allowing viewers to continue enjoying one of the ten hottest “American Idol” contestants of all time.
  6. Didi Benami. This season nine contestant looks like the kind of girl you proudly bring home to meet your parents who are totally unaware of her naughty side that comes out only in the bedroom. It’s that intriguing combination along with beautiful eyes and a sweet smile that put Didi Benami on our list of the hottest “American Idol” contestants.
  7. Christina Christian. Judge Simon Cowell confessed to having a crush on this sixth place finisher from the opening season and we confess the same by putting Christina Christian on our list of hottest “American Idol” contestants. Since her “Idol” days, she turned to acting having appeared in a couple television series including “CSI.”
  8. Jasmine Trias. A Filipino from Honolulu, Jasmine Trias finished third in season three while displaying both great singing talent and personality. But it is her rare exotic tropical island beauty that earns her the eighth spot on our list of hot “American Idol” contestants.
  9. Tamyra Gray. Expected by many to stay in the competition until the finale, viewers were shocked when Tamyra Gray was eliminated the third to last week of season one. Her slender figure and perfectly shaped bottom looked dynamite in tight jeans and made the singer/actress one of our ten hottest “American Idol” contestants of all time.
  10. Brooke White. Last on our list of hot “American Idol” contestants is the extremely emotional Brooke White who rarely made it through a song in season seven without breaking into tears. That only made male viewers want to put their arms around the lovely pianist and console her—and then console her a little more, and a little more.


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