10 Hottest ‘America’s Next Top Model’ Contestants

Of course a modeling competition would have some beautiful women involved, but not everyone can be a winner, and not everyone can make our list of the 10 hottest "Americas Next Top Model" contestants. The ones that did?  Well, here they are!

  1. Simone. The nineteen-year-old student from Lenexa, Kansas, has classic facial features paired with an edgy faux hawk. She was a standout in cycle fourteen and is surely one of the hottest "Americas Next Top Model" contestants.
  2. Erin. Featured on the "Petite Model" cycle thirteen, Erin stood out and made it almost to the end with her bleach blonde hair and cutting cheek bones. A nineteen-year-old student from Kenosha, Wisconsin, Erin has a long future ahead of her as one of the hottest "Americas Next Top Model" contestants ever!
  3. Saleisha. The winner of ANTM cycle nine, Saleisha is clearly one of the hottest "Americas Next Top Model" contestants. A 24-year-old from California, Saleisha grew up with her grandmother and was first exposed to Tyra Banks when she attended Banks' camp for girls, "T-Zone."
  4. Jaslene. The cycle eight winner, Jaslene is a 23-year-old from Puerto Rico; she was a college admissions advisor prior to appearing on "America’s Next Top Model." With her long dark hair, full lips and expressive eyes, Jaslene is one of the hottest "Americas Next Top Model" contestants.
  5. Adrianne. Born Adrianne Marie Curry in Joliet, Illinois, Adrianne is the first winner of "America’s Next Top Model." The tomboy-turned-beauty is always able to retain her earthiness and rawness, regardless of the couture she happens to be wearing. Adrianne’s classic beauty and confident swagger make her one of the hottest "Americas Next Top Model" contestants.
  6. McKey. Born Brittany Sullivan, McKey was the winner of "America’s Next Top Model" cycle eleven. One of four children, McKey has trained in mixed martial arts; much of this training she brings to her modeling career. When she was sidelined by a sports injury, she tried her hand at modeling.
  7. Natasha. This Russian beauty appeared on ANTM cycle eight and was the runner-up. She is currently signed to Red Model Management under the name “Alie M.”  Natasha’s Eastern European features and sweet disposition make her one of the hottest "Americas Next Top Model" contestants.
  8. Naima. As the winner of ANTM cycle four, Naima charmed us with her edgy beauty and her humble, earthy spirit. Born in Detroit, Michigan, Naima is the daughter of a jazz percussionist and was named after a Coltrane song. Naima is of mixed heritage and it is her unique look that makes her one of the hottest "Americas Next Top Model" contestants.
  9. Yoanna. Comeback winner of ANTM cycle two, Yoanna House is now not only a fashion model, but a television host. Before winning the show, Yoanna says she lost 45 pounds to pursue her dream of modeling.
  10. Kim. As both a fashion model and television personality, Kim appeared on ANTM cycle five. Signed to Ford Models, highly educated and on the forefront of fighting for social change for the LGBT community, Kim uses her beauty and brains for the well-being of both her community and country. This makes her one of the hottest "Americas Next Top Model" contestants.
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