10 Hottest Asian American Models

If you love exotic women, then this list of the 10 hottest Asian American models is for you. These lovely ladies are the queens of the runway and the import modeling scene, and are easily some of the hottest Asian American models of all time. While many of these women have talents in various parts of the entertainment industry, it cannot be denied that they all have one thing in common—they all look freaking fantastic. Get ready for the hottest Asian American models of all time!

  1. Tracy Nova. This hot Filipino number is easily one of the hottest Asian American models ever. She's got a killer body, a great smile, and is so popular that she is quoted to saying that she spends more time texting than she does modeling. Which is hard, considering that she's been in "FHM," "Playboy," and "Babe Blvd."
  2. Briana Lee. This buxom mixture of Chinese and Italian heritages isn't one to be messed with. With olive skin, ferocious eyes, and some of the best natural boobs we've seen on an Asian American model, she's pretty much the embodiment of perfection. Her bodacious body has made her a staple in the import modeling scene.
  3. Natasha Yi. This sexy Korean-American is one of the most groundbreaking models ever. She's held minor roles in films such as "Cradle 2 The Grave," "The Rundown," and even "Rush hour 2." She's also the first Asian American model to ever appear as a showcase girl on "The Price Is Right."
  4. Kimberly Ann. This Korean-American beauty is easily one of the hottest Asian American models we've seen yet. Besides being an import darling, she has been in 6 Internet features and 2 separate calendars. She also moonlights as a go-go dancer, which is perfectly fine by us, for the record.
  5. Vanessa Hudgens. Who would've thought that the chick from "High School Musical" turned out to be one of the hottest Asian American models ever. Say what you will about her movies, she looks amazing in all of her photos and is sure to be a force to be reckoned with once she gets older. If only she'll "accidentally" release some more nude photos on the Internet.
  6. Grace Park. This Korean American model spells out pure sex appeal. Her slim body yet amazing facial features make her a favorite no matter your aesthetic of beauty. Her role as "Boomer" on "Battlestar Galactica" has solidified her position as a nerd goddess.
  7. Olivia Munn. Speaking of nerd goddesses, how could we speak about the hottest Asian American models without mentioning the darling of G4's "Attack of the Show?" Known more for her universal sex appeal than her knowledge of all things geeky, Ms. Munn is famous for brining some much needed girl power to the predominately male-centric channel. She just recently released a book, aptly entitled, "Suck It, Wonder Woman!"
  8. Camay Dee. This hottie from California is a mixture of Vietnamese and French origins, already making her one of the hottest ladies on this list. Like Kimberly, she spends her time away from import modeling as a go-go dancer— thus, we firmly believe that all import models should spend at least two days every week as a go-go dancer. Just saying.
  9. MIchelle Zen. This amazing Asian American model can only be described as super hot. A flat stomach paired with amazing breasts and a killer face make her one of the hottest ladies in the import industry. She's currently pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Information Systems, making her one of the brainiest women on this list.
  10. Yumi Lee. Standing at 5'7", Yumi's one of the tallest women on this list. Equipped with a pair of 34C breasts, she's easily got one of the best bodies to boot. Born in Seoul, she lived there for thirteen years before relocating to the States, where she models while studying Electrical Engineering. You go, girl.
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