10 Hottest Asian Girls Ever

If you are crazy about Asian girls, then you should know the 10 hottest Asians girls ever. You might have seen plenty of hot Asian women in movies. However, not all of them are totally hot. The following list will show you the 10 hottest Asian girls ever.

  1. Kelly Hu. This Asian hottie is a former fashion model and beauty queen. She became a successful American actress since the early 90's. She played major roles in Jet Li's "Cradle To The Grave" and The Rock's "The Scorpion King."
  2. Francoise Yip. Born half French and half Chinese, this hot Asian girl is a Canadian actress. She started her acting career back in the mid 90's. Her roles as hot-looking bad girls in Jacky Chan's "Rumble in the Bronx" and Jet Li's "Black Mask" are totally unforgettable.
  3. Michelle Yeoh. If you are into Jackie Chan's police movies in the 90's and Pierce Brosnan's "Tomorrow Never Dies," you should know who this Asian hottie is. She is the one of the Hong Kong actresses who has been featured in numerous action movies. Note that she is very famous in Hollywood.
  4. Lucy Lui. If you find Alex very hot and sexy in "Charlie's Angels;" then she surely is one hot Asian chick. She is an American born Taiwanese actress who grew up in Queens, New York. Although her role in "Kill Bill" was totally cold blooded, her gorgeous and elegant look grabbed everyone's attention. 
  5. Ziyi Zhang. No one would dare to forget this Asian hottie in "Rush Hour 2." She is a famous Chinese actress who is very attractive with stunning martial art skills. She is one of the Chinese speaking actresses who earns her success in Hollywood for years.
  6. Anita Mui. She is always a hot Asian girl as she is the "Madonna of Asia.. Besides being a singing diva, she was also a popular actress in Hong Kong from early 80s till 2003. Her roles in Jacky Chan's "Rumble in the Bronx" and Jet Li's "My Father is a Hero" were completely impressive.
  7. Ming-Na. If you are a big fans of "ER" and the movie "Joy Luck Club," this Asian hottie should ring the bell in your head right away. This Macau-born American actress has been in the movie business since the late 80's. Her great look doesn't bring her success but her acting skill does.
  8. Maggie Q. If you have watched "Mission: Impossible 3," "Balls of Fury," etc., you should agree that she is an Asian hottie. Note that she is always portrayed as a very sexy and cute chick. This American actress is a former fashion model, and she became famous in Hong Kong in the past decade.
  9. Gong Li. Although she is in her mid 40's, she still considers one Asian hot girl. She surely has the entire package that men find her beautiful. Her roles in "The Emperor and The Assassin," "Memoirs of a Geisha" and "Curse of the Golden Flower" explain it all.
  10. Maggie Cheung. This well known Hong Kong actress started her acting career after earning her beauty pageant title in 1984. Remember that she was Jacky Chan's girlfriend in all the Police Story movies back in the 80's. This former beauty queen has won multiple acting awards throughout her acting career.
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