10 Hottest Asian Girls

 When compiling a list of the 10 hottest Asian girls, us men have many choices. There are some beautiful Asian women based on their facial features alone. Others have athletic or busy figures that jump out at us and can't be ignored. Part of the fun of compiling a list like this of the 10 hottest Asian girls is the debates you can have with your friends about who makes the list and who just doesn't quite make the cut.

  1. Shruti Haasan has those eyes and long hair that will just lure you in and her voice as a singer will keep you seduced. As a member of the 10 hottest Asian girls list. Her appearance in the Bollywood movie "Luck" was not a hit, but she was with the opposite sex.
  2. Sophie Choudhry has used her status as an MTV VJ to become one of the more popular sexy Asian girls on television. She has an innocent face, that has to compete with a full chest which keeps the guys distracted.
  3. If being multi-talented was required for this list of the 10 hottest Asian girls, Tina Sugandh would be at the top. She can sing, play the guitar, and has had many small roles as an extra in television and movies.
  4. Sherlyn Chopra has the piercing eyes and full luscious red lips to land her on the list of the 10 hottest Asian girls. Okay guys, her ability to look good in lingerie when modeling it doesn't hurt either, does it?
  5. Noureen DeWulf will seduce you with her eyes. This star of the movie "Ghosts of Girlfriends Past" was also given a small role in the movie "Oceans 13", and steals the screen with her beauty in both.
  6. Riya Sen has a face that is pure beauty, with perfect skin and deep penetrating eyes. Her exposure in numerous music videos in swimsuits and seductive outfits lands her on the list of the 10 hottest Asian girls.
  7. Shilpa Shetty was featured on the British version of "Celebrity Big Brother". She was even the winner, the question is was winning that show or showing up on the 10 hottest Asian girls list a bigger accomplishment?
  8. Minnie Gupta has flowing black hair and luscious red lips. She wouldn't have made it onto the list of 10 hottest Asian girls though without being in Playboy three different times.
  9. Mugdha Godse might not be as busty as some of the girls earlier in this list, but her well kept figure shows off her assets. She flaunts her figure and attractive facial features including perfect skin in the movie "Fashion" as she makes it onto the list of 10 hottest Asian girls.
  10. Come on, what would this list be without a lingerie model. Padma Lakshmi is a lingerie model that can fill a bustier to tease and uses her flirtatious glances to make us guys melt
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