10 Hottest Asian Glamour Models

If you love exotic women, then you're going to adore this list of the 10 hottest Asian glamour models. These fine ladies are the faces and bodies of many international campaigns. Some are even the stars of their own DVD and magazine series. If you're ready for some sexy women, then here are the hottest Asian glamour models ever.

  1. Marsha Vadhanapanich.While she might not be known in the United States, she's extremely well known throughout Asia, especially Thailand. She's been on the cover of many magazines throughout the region and she's known for her Goddess-like body and luxurious brunette hair. Plus, she's half-Thai and half-German, easily making her one of the most unique Asian glamour models.
  2. Han Jin. This Korean model is well-known throughout the fashion elite. Though she hasn't landed many magazines in the United States, she has been on the cover of the Korean version of "Vogue" twice. Her Amazonian legs and chiseled features are sure to land her many runway shows and advertisements.
  3. Sonny Zhou. This Chinese-born model is one of the most famous in the country, and thus one of the hottest Asian glamour models of all time. She was the first model in the country to sign with the prestigious IMG Models agency. She has also done work with famous designers such as Christian Dior and Givenchy.
  4. Maggie Q. One of the more famous Asian glamour models on this list, Ms. Q is born to a Polish-Irish father and a Vietnamese mother. Despite starting out in the Hong Kong modeling scene, she soon found herself becoming the star of many American movies. Most recently, she's been in "Mission: Impossible III" and "Balls of Fury."
  5. Hyun Yi Lee. This statuesque Korean model is the subject of much controversy within the modeling realm; her androgyny, combined with her 5'10" frame makes her almost mannish in appearance. However, she's modeled many international brands of swim wear, making her the star of the runway and printed advertisements. All of these combined make her one of the hottest Asian glamour models ever.
  6. Shu Pei. This Chinese model has pristine skin and lips that could make Angelina Jolie jealous. She's been featured in many international spreads, including the very recent Gap Fall/Winter campaign. She also has one of the slimmest bodies on this list, making her out to be almost the perfect woman.
  7. Lisa Kim Fleming. Half-Korean and half-Caucasian, she currently resides in Orange County, CA. Her small 5'5" frame and curvaceous body make her look fantastic in a bikini. To that effect, she's very popular in the import car scene.
  8. Ling Tan. This Malaysian-Chinese beauty is easily one of the hottest Asian glamour models on this list. Though she enjoyed moderate success during the 1990's, she's recently had more exposure thanks to her involvement with the Givenchy Fall/Winter campaign. She is also known for carrying herself with as much style off the runway as she does while on it.
  9. Morishita Chisato. This Japanese gravure model has a slim waist, alluring eyes, and large breasts—pretty much making her the perfect woman. She's got her own line of photobooks and DVDs which fly off the shelves with every premiere. Also, she has done time as a Racing Queen, which is a sort of Japanese cheerleader for motor racing.
  10. Liu Wen. This Chinese model is easily one of the hottest Asian glamour models ever. She has modeled for J. Crew and even walked the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. In fact, she was the first-ever Chinese model to have ever been asked to walk for the prestigious show.
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