10 Hottest Asian Women

The 10 best, hottest Asian women are all those women whom you likely don't have a chance with…but whom you can still fantasize about in your lustfulness! These hotties exist to make sure that men all over the place admire Asian babes as their number one fetish.

  1. Maggie Q. Maggie Q snatches the top spot as the best, hottest Asian woman because of her role on the CW's remake of "Nikita." Not only can she kick ass, but she can also look desirable in a bikini, evening gown–or just about anything, really.
  2. Tia Carrere. You may remember this hot Asian woman from the film "True Lies" or the "Relic Hunter" TV show from a few years back, but what remains certain is that though the years pass, Carrere's hotness sure as hell does not. For being able to look hot throughout the years, she gets the second spot here.
  3. Kelly Hu. It seems that many hot Asian women come from the state of Hawaii, and this bears further investigation. You will remember Hu from the TV show "Martial Law" and movies like "The Scorpion King," and she takes the third spot on this list of hot Asian women due to her bone structure. Sumptuous!
  4. Lucy Liu. The fourth-best, hottest Asian woman is none other than Lucy Liu, who you will remember from the 1990s TV show, "Ally McBeal." Since then Liu has also appeared in the "Charlie's Angels" movie, along with "Kung Fu Panda," establishing also that hotness can come in the form of a listenable voice.
  5. Ming-Na Wen. Ming-Na Wen has been around for quite some time, which makes her status as a hot Asian woman all the more remarkable. Though she's pushing 50, Ming-Na Wen still stands out for her looks as she does for her past work on shows like "ER" and in memorable movies like "Mulan" from Disney.
  6. Olivia Munn. Olivia Munn takes the sixth spot on this hottest Asian woman list because of her branching out as a "Daily Show" contributor. She first came to bare prominence on G4 through the "Attack of the Show" show, which she co-hosted for a spell of time. Through all those transitions, she was able to keep her hotness intact.
  7. Thuy Trang. This list should not only be limited to living hot Asian woman, so that explains the inclusion of former "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" "actress" Thuy Trang. She was killed in 2001 in an automobile accident, but Power Rangers fans will always remember her with a "It's Morphin Time!" salute.
  8. Lea Salonga. If you remember the Disney hits "Aladdin" and "Mulan" and "Les Miserables" on Broadway, you will remember Lea Salonga. She takes the eighth spot on this list of the hottest Asian women due to her singing abilities!
  9. Brenda Song. If you have kids, they may know Brenda Song from her masterful roles of acting prowess on Disney's "The Suite Life on Deck" and "The Suite Life of Zack & Cody." Only in her early 20s, Song is a perfect example of hot Asian tail.
  10. Parminder Nagra. Closing out this list of the hottest Asian women is Parminder Nagra, a Brit of hot, smoking and desirable Indian descent. She broke through as the lead in the movie "Bend It Like Beckham." Since then, Nagra worked on "ER" as a cast regular for six years.
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