10 Hottest Athletic Females

Knocking out the ten hottest athletic females is a matter of opinion and controversy. Everyone has their favorite hot female athlete. Naming ten of the hottest is quite the chore. Female athletes are hot, but there are those female athletes that are mega sexy. This list of ten hot female athletes will certainly have some of your favorites. These hot female athletes cross many sports disciplines. Approach this list of ten hot female athletes as an interchangeable list. Just know that these ten female athletes are 100 percent hot.

  1. Allison Stokke: Track and field has never been so sexy. All these years of ladies in those skimpy track and field outfits have nothing on Allison. This athlete is all women and all sex. Allison has the greatest legs in sport and a smile that will melt more than your heart.
  2. Maria Sharapova: This Russian beauty stands an impressive six foot-two inches. All leg and all sex appeal Maria set the tennis world on its ass. She is engaging, lovely and intelligent. Intimidating to many but appreciated by all.
  3. Danica Patrick: Sex on wheels, this brunette goddess is a dream on wheels. With a flawless body and a fiery persona Danica lights up many a dream. This sexy legged beauty has taken the oval by storm. She is the circuit’s hottest commodity and will soon own the circuit.
  4. Amanda Beard: Hailed as Newport Beach’s sexiest resident, the swimming pool and Olympics were never hotter than when Amanda was swimming. She’s so hot that you could hear the sizzle as she entered the pool.
  5. Caroline Wozniacki: She is more than 2010’s number one tennis player. She is a vixen of the tennis court as well as a beautiful woman. Tennis offers plenty for the male imagination, whether you are a fan or not. Caroline has it all, looks, curves and a great set of legs.
  6. Heather Mitts: Soccer’s sex Goddess of the pitch. This Ohio borne cutie captured the hearts of millions as she graced the soccer field. Hailed as one of the best US defenders in soccer history, Heather also holds the title of the hottest.
  7. Jelena Dovic: Another (and not the last) tennis hottie. Jelena, Serbia’s offering to the top ten hottest female athletes, is a tennis sensation. Her curves and sweet legs offer much for the male spectator. 
  8. Logan Tom: This lady is wicked on the court and smoking on the floor. She possesses a sexy smile, pouty lips and sensational thighs. 2000 Olympic volleyball sex kitten heated up the court and the hearts and imagination of a nation. And those volleyball shorts, you know you love them.
  9. Gina Carano: This woman can get you up and knock you on your ass all in the same night. Never tell this woman, women can’t fight. The MMA queen is an absolute beauty. Gina has great gams and sexy curves as well as a mean left hook, what a woman.
  10. Paula Creamer: The name says it all, doesn’t it? The golf course has rarely been sexier. Paula creamer can sink a putt as easily as she can sink a hundred hearts. Her long, sleek and sexy legs work well with her curves and girl next door smile keeps all the boys in tune.
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