10 Hottest Basketball Players’ Wives

Basketball players in the NBA seem to have it all; fame and fortune and some even have one of the 10 hottest basketball players' that they come home to. Some are models, actresses, singers and even high school sweethearts. Here are ten of the hottest basketball players’ wives that light up the basketball stands and look amazing on game night.

  1. Adriana Lima–As a Victoria’s Secret model, how much hotter than that can you get? Lima married former Memphis Grizzlies guard Marko Jaric on Valentine’s Day, 2009. The Brazilian model has one of the hottest bodies as a model and is the hottest of the basketball players’ wives. 
  2. Eva Longoria Parker – Married to San Antonio Spurs point guard Tony Parker, Longoria is the most famous of the basketball players’ wives. She is the perfect trophy wife as the "Desperate Housewives" star is gorgeous with a hot, petite frame. Let’s hope Parker can work his magic to keep Longoria, as she is a keeper.
  3. Brandi Garnett – More than worthy of a spot on this list of hottest basketball players wives, Brandi is the wife of Kevin Garnett, power forward for the Boston Celtics. Beautiful and classy with a hot body, Garnett definitely scored big with her.
  4. Aleka Kamila – The "Sports Illustrated" model is the wife of the Toronto Raptors forward Peja Stojakovic. With her captivating looks and sexy body, the Greek model has appeared on covers of "Madame," "Marie Claire" and "Esquire."
  5. La La Vasquez – Recently married to Denver Nuggets forward, Carmelo Anthony, in a beautiful ceremony, July 10, 2010 in New York, La La is no stranger to fame. The former MTV host appeared in the 2008 "Sports Illustrated Swimsuit" edition, is the host of “Flavor of Love” and “For the Love of Ray J” and has just recently aired her latest show “La La's Full Court Wedding” on VH1 in October.
  6. Vanessa Bryant – Beauty and inner strength is a quick way to describe Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant’s wife Vanessa. She endured public embarrassment when Kobe admitted to his affair back in 2008 but stood by her high school sweetheart, who more than made up for it with a four million dollar ring. A ‘stands by your man’ woman, now that is hot!
  7. Julie Landrum – She was recently married to Boston Celtic forward, Paul Pierce Landrum, so she is a recent addition to the hottest basketball players’ wives but is certainly worthy of a spot. Though she lacks the fame as some of the other wives on the list have, she is still hot and is often seen by Pierce’s side.
  8. Yeliz Okur – Yeliz is an actress and former Miss Turkey finalist married to Utah Jazz power forward Mehmet Okur. Having given Mehmet two children, she has still maintained her body.
  9. Tamia Hill – The six time Grammy Award-nominated Canadian-American recording artist is the wife of Phoenix Sun forward Grant Hill. Having overcome multiple sclerosis, Tamia has proven she is not only hot with a beautiful voice but a fighter.
  10. Candace Parker – Candace is a forward to the Los Angeles Sparks, younger sister of the Cleveland Cavaliers guard Anthony Parker and wife to Denver Nuggets forward Shelden Williams. With a great physique and beautiful face, Candace has shown that her skills are just as good on court as they are off court.
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