10 Hottest Black Female Athletes

The 10 hottest black female athletes have received attention in press and radio for years. We will venture to name these vixens and clear up any confusion people might have.

  1. Marion Jones. She is a beautiful and still has an air of softness about her. She is married and has a wifely appeal. Marion has become a cultural icon because of her press exposure over the years.
  2. Candice Parker. She is a good-looking woman with a sense flare and wardrobe. Although she is in a tough outdoor sport, but she still looks feminine and attractive.
  3. Christine Arron. Christine is a runner from Mexico but she competes for France. She is model pretty. She looks too good to be a runner.
  4. Serena Williams. If you can get past all the muscle, she has a really nice bottom and gorgeous legs. She has put on a bit too much muscle lately, and she needs to back off of that.
  5. Laila Ali. This is a very pretty woman. She still looks feminine and she has a very bright smile. She also looks very good in a dress.
  6. Ms. Jackie. She has a brick house body that came after years of wrestling and acting in the WWE. Ms. Jackie has been an icon in the wrestling community for many years.
  7. Swin Cash. This slim beauty is lovely and a bit understated. This basketball player is soft with searing eyes.
  8. Jade Johnson. This tall sex drink of water is hard to ignore. She is thin, lovely, and is ebony Viagra. Her abs are made of steel and her shape is incredibly flattering.
  9. Rachal Christie. She is a lovely woman runner and Ms. England, that’s right, she is a bona fide beauty queen. Her face is almost angelic.
  10. Kathy Radzuweit. She is an incredibly sexy German volleyball player that has posed for German magazines and in some ways may be moonlighting as a model. Her completely nude shots are mind-blowing!

This completes our list of the 10 hottest black female athletes. 

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