10 Hottest Blond Tennis Players

When watching sports, all men want to know the 10 hottest blond tennis players. In tennis, there are many beautiful women. The list below only shows the hottest blond tennis players.

  1. Anna Kournokova. This hot blond tennis player is known for being glamorous. She is also known for being one of the youngest tennis players. This hot blond tennis player is actually a Russian. She has done modeling for various products as well.
  2. Mary Pierece. This beautiful blonde bombshell originates from France. She is known for having beautiful blonde hair and stunning eyes. She has ranked number three in tennis and has won two Grand Slam awards.
  3. Maria Sharapova. This beautiful blonde tennis player has been watched strongly due to the fact that people thought that with her beauty, she would not do well in tennis. She has won many awards such as the Grand Slam and Wimbledon Champion. Her beauty is stunning.
  4. Amanda Coetzer. This hot blond tennis star has won many championships. She actually went pro in 1988. She is very popular on the internet, due to her outstanding beauty.
  5. Tatiana Golovin. This blond bombshell deserves a top listing on the 10 Hottest Blond Tennis Players. She is known for winning the 2004 French Opening. She has beautiful, long blonde hair and a sultry body to match it.
  6. Elena Dementieva. Ranking number three in the world, it is no wonder this blond bombshell is one of the hottest blond tennis players. With her beautiful blondhair, she is a favorite for the men.
  7. Ashley Harkleroad. Born and raised in Georgia, US, this blonde bombshell has caught the attention of many men. She is popularly known for posing in "Playboy."
  8. Maria Kirilenko. One of the hottest blond tennis players is Maria Kilirenko. She is known for playing on the Russian tennis team. She has won many awards. She was personally selected by Adidas to play in their gear, and she has every since.
  9. Bethany Matteck. This blond tennis player attracts a lot of attention, due to her sexiness and playing skills. She is American. She has won several awards, including four WTA titles.
  10. Agnes Svazay. This blond bombshell is known for being one of the top tennis players in the world. She has won over five awards. With her young, blonde look, she attracts many men.

These top ten hottest blond tennis players are all great at their game. They all have a few things in common, they are all blonde and beautiful. So, check out this hot blonde tennis players and enjoy.

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