10 Hottest Blonde Bikini Models

There is something about the 10 hottest blonde bikini models that causes men to stop in their tracks, drop their jaws and start to daydream. The combination of barely covered breasts, nice butts and pretty faces is just too much for the average guy to resist. Fortunately, there are thousands of women who are attempting to break into the top ten hottest bikini models list, but for now, the following girls are the best the world has to offer.

  1. Bar Refaeli. The hottest thing to come out of Israel during peace time, Refaeli is the "Sports Illustrated" star that men can't keep their eyes off. She has olive skin, Claudia Schiffer blonde locks, and she is most comfortable in a skimpy bikini. 
  2. Anne  Vyalitsyna. Anyone who has ever watched tennis knows that Russia is full of hot blonde women, and Anne is one of the hottest in a bikini. She has white blonde hair, great knockers and long legs. Vladimir Putin and company must be very proud.
  3. Brooklyn Decker. She has an all American sounding name, and the Ohio native has the qualities needed to become one of the all time hottest blonde bikini models. She has breasts that would struggle to stay inside the biggest of bras and if she decides to dispense with her top, there will be few complaints. 
  4. Katrina Karl. Her butt can only be truly appreciated if she wears very skimpy bikini bottoms and luckily, she has no problem doing so. Blonde, with a flawless body, she hails from New York and is one of the many Americans to win a place among the ten hottest bikini models. 
  5. Alysson Holt. She has hair so blonde that it makes Christina Aguilera's look dark. A very shapely butt and a nice couple of assets up top have helped her become popular with men who feel that women are at their best when barely clothed. 
  6. Lindsey Vonn. The winter Olympics does not lend itself to the notion of scantily clad women, and Lindsey Vonn was no more than a pretty face hidden under a lot of thermals at the 2010 Olympics. Luckily, she hooked up with "Sports Illustrated" and donned a bikini to prove that she has a body to match her face.  
  7. Sarah Brander. German women are usually blonde and hot so it is no surprise to find that one of the ten hottest bikini models hails from the land of frankfurters and frothy beer. Sarah dates soccer star Sebastian Schweinsteiger and based on her bikini shots, he is a very lucky man.  
  8. Abbey Clancy. She is dating soccer star Peter Crouch, or was until he strayed, but it is his loss because she is one of England's finest. Blonde, slender and well proportioned, she is starting to appear barely clothed in magazines across the Atlantic. 
  9. Esti Ginzburg. Israel is fast becoming known as one of the top places to find the hottest bikini models, and Ginzburg is the fresh faced young model who has quickly become a bikini favorite. She has blonde hair, and looks a little like Anna Kournikova. She is one of the prettiest in the top ten.
  10. Julie Ordon. She was born in Switzerland, but she left the Alps behind to scale the heights of the fashion world at a young age. Now an established star, she looks ravishing in a bikini and is one the hottest blonde bikini models to have appeared in "Sports Illustrated" in 2010.
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