10 Hottest Brazillian Models Ever

We know all men know who the 10 Hottest Brazillian Models are, but we made this list for you, just in case you forgot. There are many nationalities, but one nationality everybody can agree on that is hands above all are Brazilians.

  1. Raica Oliveira – There are many things to love about Raica but her lips are her best feature. Raica has been modeling for a while now with her highlight being the stage that most models only dream of reaching, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. Raica is easily on of the ten hottest Brazilian models ever.
  2. Leticia Birkheuer – Leticia is the least prestigious model of the bunch in America, but in Brazil shes on top of a mountain. Leticia is currently working on a Brazilian soap opera.
  3. Camila Finn – You might have seen her around, but you cant put place her face. Let us help you, Camila has been working with Ford since she was fourteen years-old. She was discovered when she won the Ford Super Model Of The Year Award. It is no doubt she earned her title as one of the ten hottest Brazilian models ever.l
  4. Adriana Lima – By far the most popular model on this list is Lima. Though it isn't exactly like it is an unearned honor. Lima has been working for Victoria's Secret since 2000. Oh yea did we forget to mention she has her own star in Hollywood?  Lima has a guaranteed spot on any list of the ten hottest Brazilian models ever.
  5. Ana Beatriz Barros – By far the cutest on this list. Ana has posed in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue an amazing seven times. There's no doubt she's earned the title of one of the hottest Brazilian models ever.
  6. Ana Hickman – Ana might not be nearly as known in America as she is in Brazil, but she still makes our list of the ten hottest Brazilian models ever. Ana is a household name in Brazil.
  7. Caroline Francischini – Another model with not much popularity, but Caroline easily makes our list of the ten hottest Brazilian models without hesitation. Caroline has appeared on the cover page of Elle once and has modeled for Calvin Klein.
  8. Fernanda Lima – Lima may be the oldest on the list, but she is still on the list, and that is all that matters. Lima is a superstar in Brazil, but has yet to break onto the scene in the United States. It is better late than never though.
  9. Juliana Martins – Yet another unknown in the United States. Although Martins is unknown in the United States, she has drawn comparisons to Cindy Crawford by the famous John Casablancas when she was only 13 years old. She is now 26 and as stunning as ever
  10. Giselle Bündchen – Unfortunately we are at the end of our list. Giselle is a very accomplished model and it would take us close to an hour to list all of her achievements. She is one of the few of the ten hottest Brazilian models on our list with such fame in the United States. She has taken that fame to the big screen and played the one of the main bad guys in the Queen Latifah and Jimmy Fallon movie "Taxi." As impressive as her modeling and acting feats are her dating feats. She has dated stars such as Leonardo DiCaprio before marrying star quarterback and three-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady. Giselle has already accomplished more than most models can dream of and shows no signs of slowing down

So there you have it. A list of the 10 hottest Brazilian models ever. Hopefully you learned of some new Brazilian models and didn't mind being reminded of a few you already did.

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