10 Hottest Brunette Actresses

This list of the 10 hottest brunette actresses is hot enough to burn a hole in the page.  Hollywood was once filled with big boobs and blond haired bombshells, but the times have changed (maybe not the big boobs part). Brunettes have paved a path in Hollywood. Brunettes are proven to be sexier and more naughty than any other women. This list is full of the hottest brunettes in Hollywood.

  1. Angelina Jolie The first thing that comes to mind with you think of this hot brunette actress is her exotic looks. This super sexy star won an Oscar for her performance in "Girl, Interrupted." Jolie brought video game adventurer Lara Croft to life in "Tomb Raider" where she races against villains to recover ancient, powerful artifacts. Jolie is a humanitarian and a husband-stealer, all in one sentence. She might spell trouble, but the trouble would be well worth it.
  2. Catherine Zeta-Jones This hot brunette actress made heads turn from the day she hit the Hollywood scene. You might remember her from "The Mask of Zorro." She also won an Academy Award for her role in the musical "Chicago." Zeta-Jones–who is married to Michael Douglas–is still turning heads today.
  3. Megan Fox In her breakout role in "Transformers," which she received nominations for the "Teen Choice Awards," this hot brunette actress instantly became every man's wet dream (maybe even every woman's wet dream, too). Her body is so hot that no one can beat her in Daisy Dukes and a tank top. 
  4. Jessica Alba Here is the girl next door–NOT. Maybe the girl next door you read about in "Playboy." Alba is best known for her roles in "Fantastic Four" and "Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer." She has also won several awards, including a "Golden Globe" for her role in the television series "Dark Angel."
  5. Penelope Cruz This hot brunette actress with a sweet Latin accent is enough to make you want to learn Spanish. Known best for her roles in "Vanilla Sky" and "Blow," Cruz is the first Spanish-speaking woman to win an "Oscar" for her role in "Vicky Cristina Barcelona."
  6. Halle Berry Move over Bond girls, this hot brunette actress keeps coming back more stunning than before. Berry knocked the socks off every red-blooded man when she appeared in the famous "Cat Woman" outfit, but it was her performance in "Monster's Ball" that earned her an Oscar.
  7. Eva Mendes Once look and you see that this brunette actress is hot, but she oozes sex appeal at every turn. She was nominated for an Imagen Award for Best Actress for her standout role in "Ghost Rider."
  8. Susan Lucci Here we have a 64-year-old hot brunette that has left a trail of men in the dust in the fictional town of Pine Valley. Susan Lucci is so hot she is the queen of cougars. Best known for portraying of the famous "Erica Kane," this sexy cougar has won awards such as "Outstanding Lead Actress" for the Daytime Emmy Awards.
  9. Demi Moore One of the original hot brunettes in Hollywood, Demi has a quality that prevents you from taking your eyes off her. Best known for her role in "Indecent Proposal," this sweetheart brunette caught our eyes in "Ghost" as well.
  10. Eva LaRue Best known for her role on "CSI, Miami" LaRue is beautiful, curvy and the kind of girl you could take home to mother. This sexy television actress is hard to ignore.
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