10 Hottest Celebrity Nudes

Fortunately for men everywhere, there are lots of contenders for the list of the 10 hottest celebrity nudes. Some women disappoint when they reveal all, but the women who made this list are unmatched for overall sexiness. It is not hard to define what makes a woman hot. It comes down to boobs, butt, and legs. These women proved they were the hottest celebrity nudes when they disrobed.

  1. Halle Berry. Simply the hottest nude celebrity ever. Halle went to town with Billy Bob Thornton on the big screen after teasing everyone with some topless shots in "Swordfish." No one can match her body for sexiness. 
  2. Carmen Electra. She is always in the news for some reason or other, whether it's a nude photo shoot or a leaked lesbian sex tape. No one is complaining though because she is still one of the hottest nude celebrities. 
  3. Tyran Richard. She has blue eyes, but more importantly, she is a Playboy playmate which can mean only one thing: She is one of the hottest celebrity nudes. She is sure to be a favorite on coffee tables around the U.S. for years to come. 
  4. Kim Kardashian. Some men like big boobs and some men like big butts. To keep everyone satisfied, Kim has both. It is hard to believe someone so sexy has Bruce Jenner as a step-Dad.  
  5. Courtney Culkin. She may or may nor be related to the child star actor of the same name, but there is no questioning the quality of her nude frame. She brought joy to the world when she disrobed for Playboy and everyone is hoping that there is plenty more to come. 
  6. Kendra Wilkinson. She ran Hugh Hefner ragged when she was one of his live-in girlfriends, but now she is in the news again for posing nude. No one is complaining though as long as she doesn't do that annoying laugh. 
  7. Brooke Burke. In her day, she was the hottest celebrity around, and she still holds up better than most women pushing 40. Brooke used to be married to a cosmetic surgeon who perhaps men have to thank for her delightfully large breasts. 
  8. Angelina Jolie. She may look a bit too much like her Dad for some people, but she is clearly one of the hottest celebrity nudes. No marriage is safe now that everyone has seen her naked in a variety of films. 
  9. Denise Richards. What a hot women Denise Richards is. It seems hard to believe that ex-husband Charlie Sheen was unhappy with her, considering that he had seen her in the nude many more times than the average movie goer. 
  10. Pamela Anderson. At some stage, gravity is bound to catch up with her boobs, but it hasn't happened yet. She is and is likely to remain one of the very hottest celebrity nudes for many years to come.
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