10 Hottest Celebrity Playboy Layouts

The 10 hottest celebrity Playboy layouts are often better than the centerfolds of regular Playmates, because they show another side (or sides) of public figures we've grown to know. Be they actresses, athletes, or tabloid figures, celebrity Playboy layouts feel like a peek into something you shouldn't be seeing, making them even more exciting. Here are the ten hottest celebrity Playboy layouts of all time:

  1. Marilyn Monroe – The ultimate sex symbol is also the ultimate centerfold. Though she did not actually pose for Playboy itself, nude photos of the former Norma Jean helped make Playboy the iconic men's magazine it is today. It has yet to be topped, and is definitely at the head of the list of ten hottest celebrity playboy layouts of all time.
  2. Farrah Fawcett – Showing that an older woman could put the young ladies to shame, this sex icon of the seventies finally posed in the nineties. She actually posed twice, meaning two of the hottest celebrity Playboy layouts of all time.
  3. Amanda Beard – This Olympic swimmer showed off her form in 2007. Used to wearing next to nothing when competing, she finally bared it all. It deserves a gold medal.
  4. Willa Ford – This forgotten teen pop star bared it all to give her career a boost. It didn't, really, but it gave plenty of guys a little boost. "I Wanna Be Bad" indeed.
  5. Brooke Burke – The "E! Wild On" host was known already for wearing bikinis as she gave tours of the world's most luxurious hot spots. She showed off her hot spots in two of the hottest celebrity Playboy layouts of the 2000s.
  6. Ursula Andress – The first, and in some opinions, best Bond girl bared it all soon after "Dr. No." No one was saying no to this entry on the hottest celebrity Playboy layouts at the time, and it still stands up today.
  7. Katarina Witt – The figure skater's controversial layout helped make her issue one of the hottest celebrity Playboy layouts. It was one of the few issues of the magazine to sell out completely. 
  8. Kim Basinger – Before she was an Oscar-winning actress, she was seen as a sex kitten. This layout is much of the reason why.
  9. Sable – Many wrestling fans salivated over this celebrity Playboy layout. She appeared again after her first, with another WWE Diva, Torrie Wilson.
  10. Shannen Doherty – The 90210 star played a good girl on screen, but her bad girl persona in real life went right along with this layout. It closes out the list of the ten hottest celebrity Playboy layouts with a sultry bang.
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