10 Hottest College Campuses

The list of 10 hottest college campuses is compiled from the annual Playboy list of top ten party schools. The crossover between hottest college campuses and top party schools just cannot be denied.

  1. The University of Texas at Austin should rightfully be at the top of any list of hottest college campuses. If the coeds on Sixth Street do not light your fire, the summer sun in Austin will certainly get your body temperature rising.
  2. West Virginia University is located in Morgantown, a place that doesn't offer much besides drinking and hot women. Sometimes, those are all you need in life.
  3. The University of Wisconsin at Madison is a beer drinking hotbed. The Badgers can party until dawn and still make it to class on time.
  4. The University of Miami in Florida may bring all the brainy beauties of South Florida together into one hot mix. If the beach doesn't draw you in, the Miami nightlife should.
  5. East Carolina University features women who can easily get your blood flowing. The Pirates in Greenville definitely know how to party at one of the hottest college campuses in North Carolina.
  6. Arizona State University basks in a dry desert heat of Tempe. The sun devils host one of the hottest college campuses, and they know how to get it on in the heat of the day and the chill of the night.
  7. Rollins College is a tiny school in Winter Park, Florida just outside of Orlando. The students at Rollins really know how to spread their heat in the local clubs.
  8. The University of California at Santa Barbara hosts both sun and surf just outside the academic walls, making it one of the hottest college campuses around.
  9. Plymouth State University in New Hampshire is a campus that caters to the mountain set. Warm yourself by an open fire and check out the snow bunnies.
  10. The University of Iowa rounds out the list of ten hottest college campuses. Although the winters in Iowa City may be bone-chilling, the women here can thaw any heart.
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