10 Hottest College Girls Ranking

Let us introduce you to a ranking of the 10 hottest college girls who have made themselves popular for being the most desirable girls at their universities. These hotties truly deserve their name in this list and it's because of their natural beauty that many men consider going back to school, even if it's only for a glimpse of these gorgeous babes.

  1. Shelley From Texas A&M University, this 22-year-old hottie admits to liking soccer, but she’s also a model and an actress. This year, she was the winner of the America’s Hottest College Girls Contest.
  2. Kate An interior design student at The Art Institute of Orange County, this spectacular blonde thinks Cinderella is sexy. If she was a celebrity, she would like to be Kate Hudson.
  3. Lauren Lauren was a cheerleader, but now studies at Miami University although she still plays sports and does push ups. She says she likes blonde hair and muscular guys.
  4. Stephanie This beautiful 22-year-old brunette has always been compared to Rosario Dawson. Now you can imagine what she looks like! She likes video games and thinks guys are sexy if they rock at “Guitar Hero.”
  5. Megan Don’t get confused. This isn't Megan Fox, but don’t worry, she’s another hot Megan. This art student at the University of Southern Maine surprises many men with her amazing green eyes. She admits to having a celebrity crush on Johnny Depp and Taylor Thomas.
  6. Courtney This college girl knows what she wants. She studies dance and business at Arizona State University and admits that she would like to own a dance studio. With her kind of body, we’re sure she’ll blow everyone’s minds. She’s also against contamination and tries to save water by turning the tap off while brushing her teeth.
  7. Heather Here you have a scientist and hot college girl. She studies biology at Chandler-Gilbert Community College and would like to go on a safari to be near nature. She also has a humorous side because she likes videos on YouTube, especially “Spaghetti Cat.” She says she can’t stop laughing when she watches this video and could do so all day.
  8. Mallory This party girl likes honest guys, not the ones who are only cute with girls and pretend to be someone they’re not. Mallory speaks her mind and she must do so excellently because she’s studying English.
  9. Chelsea Chelsea loves the sea. That probably has something to do with why she’s studying marine biology. What’s most sexy about her is her nationality. She’s an American but her father is Italian and Hungarian while her mother is German and Scottish. It’s why she has a peculiar, but fantastic look. She says she’s always asked where she’s from and she loves it.
  10. Allyson This cute Asian college girl must understand people because she’s a psychology student at Southern Methodist University. Food and sports are her passions, especially when it comes to the Yankees and the Dallas Mavericks. She didn’t like the film “The Happening” and she apologizes for having slept through “Transformers.”
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