10 Hottest Erotic Movies

The 10 hottest erotic movies made mainstream audiences uncomfortable, aroused, energized and interested. You may want to find a nice, quiet place to enjoy the films on this list of the ten hottest erotic movies. It may help you understand the subtle plot devices and nuances of each film.

  1. "Boogie Nights" (1997) This sensual classic from the late 1990s takes a look at the 1970s pornography business like no other movie before or after. The sensual aspects of the movie are sometimes forced and in some cases, drug use in the movie can make the sensuality uncomfortable. But there can be no denying the spot this movie deserves on the list of ten hottest erotic movies.
  2. "Risky Business" (1983) When it comes to the 1983 smash hit "Risky Business," everyone remembers the scene that made Tom Cruise famous with him dancing around in his underwear. What gets lost is how truly sensual this movie is, especially the scenes between Rebecca De Mornay and Cruise.
  3. "Body Heat" (1981) When Kathleen Turner wanted to be sensual in her earlier days of making movies, there were very few starlets that could keep up with her. The passion in "Body Heat" is intense and extremely sensual. This is definitely a movie that belongs on the list of ten hottest erotic movies.
  4. "Showgirls" (1995) The critics hated "Showgirls," but the male movie audience loved the movie. Elizabeth Berkley drops her good girl image and her clothes to make one of the ten hottest erotic movies of all time.
  5. "American Pie" (1999) The success of "American Pie" had a lot to do with the broad range of audiences this movie appealed to. It was quirky with its "coming of age" story and it was sensual when the boys finally do find a way to score with the ladies. It is an uncomfortable trip to the sensual parts in this movie, but when you get there you understand why this is one of the ten hottest erotic movies of all time.
  6. "Wild Orchid" (1989) Early Mickey Rourke movies always took chances at riding that line between erotic and offensive. The hit movie "Wild Orchid" is no different. It is 109 minutes of erotic bliss and awkwardness as only Rourke can deliver.
  7. "Live Nude Girls" (1995) It is difficult to get much more erotic than an adult female sleepover that degenerates into a sexual exploration of all of the girls' wildest fantasies. Kim Cattrall puts in an especially erotic performance in this travel through the erotic desires of younger women.
  8. "Striptease" (1996) Demi Moore has always been known as a sexy actress, but her performance in "Striptease" put this movie on the list of the ten hottest erotic movies ever made. Burt Reynolds as a comedic but perverted twist to the movie helps put it over the top as far as erotic goes.
  9. "Body of Evidence" (1993) You call Madonna whatever you want, but you cannot deny that the lady understands erotic. Her entire career is based on her erotic appeal and it is all on display in "Body of Evidence." The movie hits it out of the park as one of the ten hottest erotic movies when we get a look at a fully nude Madonna.
  10. "Caligula" (1977) "Caligula" is one of the most talked about and universally misunderstood erotic films of all time. It attempts to give an accurate portrayal of one of the most demented rulers in the history of the Roman Empire but, instead, gives an extremely erotic and disturbing performance.
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