10 Hottest European Bikini Models

The following 10 hottest European bikini models are easily some of the loveliest women on the face of the Earth. Their faces are gorgeous, and their bodies are even better—there is no better way to make a swimsuit look better than to put it on one of these hottest European bikini models. European women have a certain elegance and allure that you won't find stateside, which is why we've compiled this list of the hottest European bikini models for you.

  1. Danielle Lloyd. This British babe is easily one of the hottest European bikini models ever. She was actually crowned Miss Great Britain at one time, but was stripped of her title after she posed for "Playboy." Honestly, we wouldn't want to see her any other way.
  2. Petra Cubonova. This blonde beauty from Russia is easily one of the hottest women on the planet. She's got the body of a goddess with the sharp, defined features common for Eastern European women. Her pictures are sensual as they are provocative, making her one of the hottest European bikini models ever.
  3. Sara Kostov. With tanned skin, blonde locks and curves like a race track, this Portuguese beauty is one of the hottest European bikini models ever. She's been seen between the pages of European magazines, and we're just hoping to see more of sweet self over here in the States.
  4. Michelle Lombardo. This leggy Italian and Irish mix might look familiar, seeing as she won "Sports Illustrated's" Fresh face contest. With a face and a body like that, it's no wonder that she stole the show! Without a doubt, she's one of the hottest European bikini models ever.
  5. Pilar Rubio. This Spanish beauty has been all over the airwaves on TV in Madrid, and when you see her, you'll know why. A skinny yet curvaceous body and dark, alluring eyes make her a total package fit for any man's desire.
  6. Danielle Bux. This lovely Welsh vixen is easily one of the hottest European bikini models yet. She's modeled for numerous UK publications and has even worked for Virgin Atlantic. If that doesn't make her a sex goddess, we don't know what does. 
  7. Gemma Atkinson. With short, pixie blonde hair, a skinny waist and huge breasts, you might think she fell from Heaven. She's one of the famous models in the United Kingdom and one of the hottest European bikini models ever. We can only hope that more women stateside start to look like her.
  8. Cristina Buccino. This Italian hard-body is easily one of the hottest European bikini models ever. She's appeared in the popular Italian television shows "All in All" and "Arthur." She hasn't been seen very much on our shores, but we can only hope.
  9. Ariadne Artiles. Yes, this Spanish beauty queen is pretty skinny, but she's also got amazing breasts and hips that, well, don't lie. She's appeared in a number of publications across Europe, making her one of the hottest European bikini models of all time.
  10. Diana Pereira. Hailing from Portugal, she's easily one of the curviest women on this list. She's got a behind that won't quit and breasts that we've only seen in our dreams. Luckily, Diana is very real, and we are very thankful for her.



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