10 Hottest European Models Ever

Ever wonder who the ten hottest European models ever are? Well then you came to the correct place to find out. Below is a list of the ten hottest European models known to man.

  1. Heidi Klum – You knew she was going to be on this list. Heidi might just be one of the most beautiful woman of all time. Between her long legs and her deep hypnotic brown eyes, she is the definition of perfect. She is very easily one of the ten hottest European models of all time.
  2. Kate Moss – Maybe the most notorious supermodel of all times, Kate created the waif craze that made wannabe models everywhere stop eating. Born in England, she has one of the cutest faces that a man can ask for and the rest of her body isn't too bad either. She has served as arm candy to Johnny Depp and in our book that automatically makes you fit to be one of the hottest models of all time.
  3. Sasha Pivovarova – Sasha is a Russian model who is just as sexy as her her name. Russians have always had a reputation of being very fine looking, but Sasha takes it to a whole new level. Sasha is by far one of the ten hottest European models ever.
  4. Anja Rubik – Anja who happens to be Polish makes our list of one of the ten hottest European models ever. Anja is easily Poland's best model and she recently has reached the models biggest stage joining the Victorias Secret team in 2009, making her one of Europe's ten hottest models.
  5. Anna Jagodzinska – Another Polish model, Anna has graced many magazine covers with the biggest being the cover of Vogue. Anna has very strong Polish attributes, which gives her a head up on most European models putting her in the top ten. Anna has the type of eyes you can stare into all day and never get tired of looking into, which just so happens to be a great quality for models to have.
  6. Ewelina Lozynska – Ewelina is a greatly unknown french model. Although she is not very known, she has the hottness to break onto the scene at any moment. 
  7. Sandra Scholz – Sandra resides in one of the most erotic European countries in the continent. Sandra is a Swedish piece of heaven. Sandra has one of the best bodies in Europe, making her one of the ten hottest European models ever.
  8. Julia Stegner – Julia is a German model with the looks that women would kill to possess. She has a girl next door type look with a smile that can make your heart melt.
  9. Malgosia Bela – Just from the sound of her name, you know she is going to be very sexy. Well you are correct. Bela has the honor of being our third Polish model on this list, but unlike the other two, Bela is very popular. Born in Krakow, Bela has posed in Vogue multiple times.
  10. Lilly Donaldson – Lilly is the type of girl you used to pray would get transferred to your school through the student exchange program. Unfortunately though, she never did because Lilly was too busy becoming one of the most sought after models in Europe. Don't worry though, because although she may have never been exchanged to your school, she did pose in many magazines for your schoolboy gawking pleasure.

So there you have it. It is no question in any bodies mind that these ten girls are the ten hottest European models.


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